Eye Buy Direct Review: Muse in Red

Frame Size: Medium
Material: Plastic
Width: 128 mm (5.04 in)
Length: 44 mm (1.74 in)
Nose width: 20 mm (.79 in)
Lens width: 48 mm (1.89 in)

Lens Type avaliable: 

Single Vision
Bifocal Vision
Free form progressive Vision
Non Prescription

Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked.

My experience: The order and the processing and the shipping took about two weeks to get to me.
I received a small cardboard box and within it, it had a clear "EBD" logo case along with the frames I ordered and a cloth. 
The Feel: The glasses themselves felt pretty nice, very light, and they didn't hurt my ears like my normal glasses.
Color / Design: The color was a beautiful deep red, and it was exactly as I hoped it would be.

PD: It's good to have your prescription ready when you have to check out your glasses, they ask for the PD, or pupilary distance which is basically the distance from the center of your eye to the bridge of your nose.
Mine was 29, which looking at the chart they give you - there is no 29, after some research I realized the eye doctor used one number. To get two, you have to multiply it by 2, and I got 58.
Believe me, before this site, I didn't even know about PD.

If you need some help finding it, they have a video and some pictures to help you get your PD, its all very helpful.

The prescription itself was actually spot on and I was overly impressed. 
I was afraid initially to try this site so I got the basic package. I got the single vision and I got the standard glaze and coat for the lenses.
They have way more to offer but I wasn't in the mood to put down the dollar bills.

I used a coupon they offered for 20% off I believe. (They have a tons of sales and discounts all the time check it out.) 
So in the end I checked out with this frame for less than $27.00 
Yeah, you read that right. 

I got this so I would have to worry about tearing up my hundred dollar -something pair of glasses. I was more than pleased and I actually wished I dished out more for this pair and went with the premium stuff like the UV coating and everything else, maybe next time!