Beyond the Zone Color Bombz: Temp Spray

For a long time, I wanted funky colors without the damage and long term hassle. I took all this time to take care of my hair and bringing it back to it's natural state. This, helps me achieve fun colors for a day and I can wash it out when I'm done with it.

Here are the bottles which I didn't photograph so I googled it. There you go.
image taken from "irockmynatural" blog via google image search.

I sprayed in bursts rather than streams and it doesn't dry out my hair too much. My hair is very dark and it still shows up. 
The good stuff:
The color payout is pretty great.
Lots of colors to choose from.
If you spray it in your eyes, you don't go blind and scream like a maniac -> IT DOESN'T BURN! <- Golden point.
No commitment
No damage
No bleaching
Shampoo color out

The bad stuff:
The color transfers onto your hands when you touch your hair. 
It will most likely transfer to your clothes, I haven't had this problem since I didn't apply it where it would rub on my clothing. 
If you apply too much it will appear like your hair is made up of wool and look too dry.

My experience:

I washed my hair, dried it, styled it, sprayed the colors in bursts in random areas near the ends of my hair.
Like ombre (Until desired color opacity) 
Walked around like a boss with amazing mermaid curls until it started raining.
The color kind of died down in my hair but it was still noticeable and I napped with odangos 
woke up, a few hours later showered and it took a rinse, and two washes with shampoo and i continued like usual with my hair care regime and my texture and curls were still the same. 
I would do this again.
Next time, I'm gonna go with the blue.