Hada Labo Tokyo: Anti Aging Hydrator

Product: This moisture serum was really silky and light. The product has a slight yellow tint to the formula.
Pros: Personally, I do think it delivered on retaining moisture during these harsh, cold winter months. It left my face feeling really, really soft and smooth to the touch. I wanted to use it all the time, but I only applied it once a day and usually after the shower since my skin is ready to be moisturized at that time.

Cons: The serum isn't really good to my skin. I have acne prone skin and its sensitive too. My skin is combination of dry and normal with some oily around the forehead/temples.
It broke me out on my chin mostly and some on my cheeks. I'm sure I'm not the only one where acne causes me to feel insecure. 

Overall: 3.8/5 Rating. This product works. In the short time that I used it ( 1 month ) it gave me what was promised. I had super soft and amazingly hydrated skin. Honestly, I didn't want to stop using it but it was either nice, supple skin with acne smothered across my face or to be clear faced with a bit of dryness.