smoky palate by profusion

this palate has 12 shades to create a smoky eye of your choice intensity. it comes with beautiful highlight colors to great opaque "smokes". 

even including a little eye wand to apply your shadows. this is pretty good for a eyeshadow travel kit, i think.

these shadows have a decent wear time and have a decent opacity, the only thing is that the lights, really come up light. go figure. i believe that's only because of my skin tone.
this reminds me of the elf shadows, longer wear would require a primer.
i like the sets like these because they're small and i was planning on getting a new makeup overhaul to throw out some that i've had for an ungodly amount of time.


elf five pot eyeshadows

1. creme - highlight
2. taupe - shimmer
3. brown - light shimmer
4. plum - light shimmer
5. black - shimmer

These eye shadow pots don't exactly have a name so..

starting from left to right:
taupe, black, creme, plum, brown.

the colors overall are okay, i don't like the fancy shimmer that seems to go overboard with this set, however the opacity is pretty good. i like the plum color and i'm a fan of natural and nude colors so the browns are really nice for me to use for anytime.

the only thing that i would probably use with this is some kind of primer that will help it stay longer since it is unbelievably easy to smear all over the place.

this picture actually messes with my vision it looks so out of focus, its really annoying but that was with one swipe of my index finger the whole swatch test was easily rubbed off and of course it's not water proof or water resistant.
the shimmer however ends up with the most staying power and unless you have makeup remover, you might be looking like a disco ball for a while.


Happy New Year!

I don't know what resolutions I'll be scribbling up but I suppose I'll think of some goals to work on. Happy New Years everyone!

I guess, I'll try again to continue emaura. I'll have to do a lot of things on this blog but I guess it'll be okay..I can't give this blog up. There will be on going construction as I try to boost myself into caring for this blog again.