Heart Strings

Finally, finally I was bombarded with the fact that I may have lost my precious blog ( which will need an overhaul! and much needed organizing!)

I hope its not too much trouble but the only way for this blog to be resurrected was to put it back under the blogspot domain name. Oh well!

Okay, since the last post...

I have moved to South Carolina like I had said, living here has put my allergies and asthma into haywire and it hasn't been all that great but I have to say its worth it regardless.

I am starting cosmetology school in May of this year and I am very excited.
I have run into a few bumps but I'm determined to go.

I got a smartphone..but its super dumb.

My dad's car was stolen and later found because it was in an accident by the thieves who apparently left the scene, and we're waiting for the lump sum so we can get another.

I am still looking for a job, I have this temporary one at a church where I am a nursery worker and I get paid  twenty bucks for like 2 hours so ...eh, its money and its not a demanding job just playing with kids.

I left most of my electronics with my mom and brother since they need it more.
So no computer/laptop of my own.

That's about it. Talk to you soon!