Wearing Dollywink #11: Review

I got the Dollywink lashes from Pretty&Cute they have them all.

The lashes don't disappoint being a KOJI brand. Super soft and natural looking. Apply it just right, and you can make it look like its all your lashes.

I really like how you recieve two pairs of these lashes, since I tend to use them quite a bit.
I would say these are sensitive and you would need to use a tool like cosmetic tweezers to handle them. I can't say how many times I've pulled off a knot of lash hairs off trying to take off the glue with my fingers. I promise I was gentle as I could but they just ripped off!

I would give it a 3.8 out of  5 rating.

The lashes are soft to the touch feeling like human hair.
The band on the lashes look hand tied and virtually invisible.
The band is also lightweight.

Hassle on each application
Could not use entire band
Hairs pulled apart easily 
Felt very fragile

Applying them as a band was much too difficult for me, No matter how I bend to shape the curve for my eyes they wouldn't stay and I'd have glue all over my lids.
Cutting them in half made this process go easier.

I had a lot of trouble each application with the end sticking and holding down. Maybe the glue included isn't strong enough to hold on my type of eyelids. Maybe they are too oily or my eyes produce a little more tears than the glue was made to handle. I haven't had a problem like this when I used a basic glue like DUO but then again..it was waterproof.

I always loved how long the lashes usually are, and that's why I like to use an asian brand of false lashes because they do tend to be longer to create an effect of longer eyes and whatever else compared to the american brands which are usually to enhance what you have, and they have a shorter lash band.

Bottom Line: KOJI and Dolly wink is such a big name. Truly  I just have to give it to you straight though from my experience with this particular lash. Honestly ...I had to constantly fight with it just to stay on where I wanted it and kept having to reapply it. I had to cut it up just to use it and I don't like doing that, because I feel like that takes away from the lash and the effect.



[Personal] Finally..Back Online

I'm back! Oh my goodness! So much has happened but I'm glad to be back.
I'll post a few of my grabs from my trip and to be honest I didn't get to do a lot of sight seeing.
I didn't get to video blog because I didn't go anywhere or do anything. I will be going back to South Carolina soon though.
However, I will continue to do this thing I'm doing here. Haha.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I move over there about internet because I'll be keeping it here with my brother.