[Personal] My Vacation is Arriving

  I am leaving to go to South Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and as some of my twitter followers know I don't have a smartphone so I wont be uploading any photos through twitter. 
                      I will probably leave little updates here and now and then. 
  The time of the train will be about 14 hours, and already I have run into problems! I'm so short financially and when I return it will be just horrible. For right now though, I don't care

I have my tickets and will be finalizing my packing today 
later this evening. I am having some clothing articles cleaned 
and once that's done, I can pack but not before spending four hours at work.

I hope you all can be patient until I return for some nice southern - type photos.
I will also try to vlog while I'm there as well. They won't be uploaded until I return as well.

I'm going for a week! August 4th to 12th.