Upcoming Review and FOTD

Dolly Wink Otona Collection: No.14 in Natural Cute
Dolly Wink Otona Collection: No. 11 in Pure Sweet



MOTD: Tangerine Lips

Just a makeup look. I was fooling around basically and came up with this.
wearing an "Alluring Wig" wig
For the lips I used an orange eye shadow on top of a intense hydrating lip balm.

I contoured my face and nose.
Deepened the crease with dark brown 
 I am wearing Dollywink No.11 for Top Lash.


Video: Sweet Floral Pastel Nail Art

I received a lot of compliments on my designs when I was at work or wherever and I thought. "huh, this should be a video, I haven't had a new one lately."


Messing with No.14

    Trying out my dollywink in No.14.

Still trying to figure out how to easily put them on.
Very hard for beginners of lower lashes.
Wearing half lashes on top.
    My nail art inspired by Rihanna's "You da one" Music Video. Simple to do and edgy looking.
    Also creates optical illusion of super sharp nails


Avenue Bra Haul

Peach Color Lace Balconette

Designs and fashionable undergarments are hard to find for women of bigger size. Avenue is my one stop for bras. They hold up well and are comfortable. 
A little expensive.
Lavender Cotton Polka Dot Balconette

The peach balconette fetch $40 USD and the $34 USD with Buy One Get One 50% off it totaled $57 USD.
They also have "Bra Club" Buy 5 and Get 1 free.


Review: China Glaze "For Audrey"

China Glaze "For Audrey" has a really beautiful hue. A combination of sea green and turquoise. 
Brand China Glaze doesn't usually disappoint polish-goers with easy brush and opacity.
Great consistency throughout the product.
Base and Top Coat were not used in this photo. One Coat of "For Audrey" used.

14 mL - .5 Fl Oz in the bottle which allows you to apply this color fifty times over
Sheer: 1  - Opaque: 5
Opacity Level: 5

Final Thought: Gets the job done! A personal favorite.
* Best when used with Seche Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. 


Strawberries and Independence!

Check out the strawberry tumblers I got through Etsy, my goodness so gorgeous and beautifully handcrafted. Like I said bought from Etsy for about 20 dollars and shipping was about 12 arrive in a week and a some. So pretty! I saw some yellow theme white daisy ones that I want so I'll grab those too.