Current Obsession: Polyvore

I was introduced to this site by a cousin and I have to say I like it! I can just mix and match clothing articles and accessories and make a collage or fashion points or whatever. These are just the first few sets that I've done. What do you think?

Mint Focused


Feeling Better!

Writing out my feelings made
me feel a lot better and I have my
positive outlook once again! I
even fixed up my blog since last time
and usually that always makes me
feel better! What do you think about it?

Okay, so basically, I also wrote this post wondering what sort of things do you want to see?
Circle Lens?
Makeup Tutorials?
Personal Blogs?
Makeup Reviews?

Have something else in mind? Please comment on it! I'd love to hear your ideas or anything else you might have to say

Coming up:
+ Geo Olive Brown Showcase Video and Review
I just need to buy a bottle of contact lens solution before I can do that.


[Personal] Confusion and Distance

Its been nearly a month since my last blog post and I haven't been doing well. I've been working a little bit more and while it isn't excruciating work it isn't without the usual fatigue. I also have been having issues with a social life.

While I've moved for over a year to a new state, Its harder to make those lasting friendships that matter. I don't have many events that pull me into a very active social life than I had in my previous life.

I find it hard because I always feel like I'm leading a double life!
I know that since my move, I've changed, for the better? I can't say. I know that emotionally and mentally I am stronger and I can deal with confrontation much better than before.