NYX Lipgloss in 159 } Smokey Look

Here I have a lipgloss by NYX cosmetics that I've been trying out for a bit and here's a swatch of it and so comes with it the pros and cons. 

I love the bow on the applicator here! I always make sure to capture it!
Okay, the great thing about NYX is the fact that all the cosmetics are hypoallergenic. 

Thick consistancy
Not sticky or greasy feeling
Can be used on top of a lipstick 

Settles in cracks/ ridges

I personally like putting it on top of a nyx lip stick called "Pumpkin Pie" which is pretty much the lipstick version of "Smokey Look" and they create this beautiful mango color and looks especially nice since my skin is darker and it comes off a little sheer and nude with an orange tone. 

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