Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown Circle Lens

Today I'm back with a circle lens from Color Lens World that I have been eyeing since its first release and I know its been over done but I wanted to try it.

~ Geo Cafe Mimi Machiatto Brown   

Cafe Macchiato Lens Video at the bottom of the post!
Envelope, They wrote the "fragile" warning all over the package! haha so sweet!

Brand: Geo
Diameter: 15.0
Base Curve: 8.7

I am in love with this pattern, Seeing it real life doesn't compare to the pictures

The lens is all brown with variation on the color. The outer ring has a dark brown ring which I really love. Its already a big size so the brown color softens the whole look.
You have yellow - golden ash brown taking place of the "iris" part and a medium brown swirl effect on top as well as cocoa brown points in a sunburst star pattern.

Let me throw a couple of pictures taken with the camera's flash.

Natural Coloring
Significant Enlargement for those who want it.
Interesting design and pattern

Too large for me
15.0 diameter is drying for me
May be too subtle design for some

Store Review:
A fairly new company reached out to me and told me their story. They have been opened for about 6 months and well, not a lot of people know this company exists. I am helping the owners Marco & Lisa who are based in HK. My experience with this company has been positive since day one and I have no doubts that it'll change.

I received my lenses in about 2 weeks or less and was notified by email throughout the transit of my package, they even gave me a tracking number for my package. Another thing that I noticed immediately upon opening my package I found the circle lens safe held in bubble wrap and a tiny label saying "Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown". That makes me assume they have superior organization skill and I also recieved a handwritten note card, which I personally enjoyed and it is posted at the end of the video.

Bottom Line:
Color Lens World is a reliable seller, great customer service and they also have fast shipping and I would purchase from there again.

Store Appeal: 4/ 5
While it doesn't have cute models posted on the site or cute colors, the site is easy to maneuver through for a quick and easy click and check out experience, this will also give more confidence for guys who would like to buy circle lenses without all the pink.
Customer Service: 5 / 5
Customer takes priority. I like that. Super quick and organized.

(I realize I misspelled the name on my video, Sorry, things like that bother me but I hope you can get past it.)

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