Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown Circle Lens

Today I'm back with a circle lens from Color Lens World that I have been eyeing since its first release and I know its been over done but I wanted to try it.

~ Geo Cafe Mimi Machiatto Brown   

Cafe Macchiato Lens Video at the bottom of the post!


NYX Lipcolor in 630 & 529

Here is another NYX swatch for Pumpkin Pie (630) and Thalia (529). I think the colors are nice and opaque and on a scale from  1 to 5 and 1 being sheer, this color is about a 3.5/4.0. I have to apply about three layers for the opacity that I prefer.

Good opacity

Tastes weird
so try to eat as little as possible.

Thalia is a mauve color - lol which I was hoping it would not be considering I have 3 different shades of the mauve type color. Blarrr

And since spring is coming around, I have Pumpkin Pie which looks like its orange but came up on my skin as a mango orange in - between and it was very close to a nude color. So that's super nice.


NYX Lipgloss in 159 } Smokey Look

Here I have a lipgloss by NYX cosmetics that I've been trying out for a bit and here's a swatch of it and so comes with it the pros and cons. 

I love the bow on the applicator here! I always make sure to capture it!
Okay, the great thing about NYX is the fact that all the cosmetics are hypoallergenic. 


Reputable Sellers

Okay, So you look around through blogs, youtube channels and search all over the webs. It seems like there is only a handful of reputable sellers! Fret not, my lovelies here I have a list of some sellers that have white-list reputation all in one spot, so you can chose which is best for you. 
I hope this helps!

This is in no way a complete list. These are just a few that you can shop safely at.

I also was made aware of a shop that has went off the deep end. I personally have never had issues with ECL and now I hear my fellow bloggers had to suffer. However, since this has been brought to light by a lovely follower of mine, I will no longer partake in purchasing lenses from ECL. I don't want to promote a sketchy seller like that.

You can check April Fool Romance's blogpost on the matter due to Hytericmint's post about "How Defective lenses damaged my eyes." She explains it far better than I ever could.

I am firm in my belief that the lenses I have purchased from ECL were authentic since they were manufactured by GEO Medical. I have no doubt those are well handled and cared for by Geo.
Geo, being widely known and is a huge manufacturer - makes the lenses like 
Angel Series, Sugar Candy, Nudy Series and most famously the Princess Mimi label.

I wanted to post a list of white list sellers for my followers. 
The link with asterisk beside them - I have personal and positive experience with.
OH! I found a site where there is a WHOLE list of sellers
Gaia Online - Circle Lens Seller Thread

Here you can find all of the white listed sellers as well as the black listed sellers as to avoid them.