Maybelline "Pulse Perfection" Mascara

I have been using this mascara for a while and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. It has a button on the wand that allows the whole mascara wand to pulse with vibration while pressing the button. It feels really weird and I always feel like I'm going to poke my eyes out! So, I'm extra careful in applying it because I'm terribly clumsy. 

This mascara promises 7 things:
1. Luscious Thickness
2. Luxurious Length
3. Smooth Separation
4. Intense Color
5. Shapely Curve
6. Healthy Luster
7. Zero Clumps

In my experience this mascara truly fulfills about 6 of these.
However the promises I find may have been a little tweaked is the smooth separation and the shapely curve as it makes my lashes look a little furry/frayed. That however, doesn't discourage me from applying it because the results are phenomenal.
I used a simple "slide" motion just moving the wand up and not shimmying it from side to side because its already vibrating.

In the photo, the left side has the mascara applied and the ride side does not.
The lashes are lengthen considerably. I'm mean the proof is in the pudding. Look at it! Its so long! That is only with one coat and sparsely applied! Imagine what it could look like with time and patience.

Here is another photo with the product applied to both the top and bottom lashes. 

Do you see what I mean about the way they look? Oh, well it looks better with more eye makeup no doubt, like eyeliner or shadows. They really hold up as well too, while not being waterproof. It i resistant. 

Lengthen Lashes
Intense Color
Clean application
Water resistant
Curves lashes upwards instead of straight.
Promised the 7 things almost to a T.

Can apply a little bit too much product on the tip.
Results will not work without the vibrating option.
A little heavy
Makes lashes look a bit weird
(My own preference)

I really enjoy this product. I can't wait to do a review on my favorite volume mascara, I should try and pair these two mascaras to see if I get the ultimate falsies look by mascara method.
You can find this in your local drug store. It would be about $6 to 8.

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