Ebay Seller: Alluring Wigs - Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

I think I love nothing more than a seller who makes sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their order. I really love that. 
Diane owns the store and she gave me top notch customer service and she even reserved a wig for me because I was so obsessed with it and I wanted it so badly.

( It turned out not to be as great as I hoped but I made it work.)

Packaging! - Awesome! Inside was the hair in a plastic baggie with closure .
I bought two wigs.

"Lexi" is a 1B/33 color ( Natural black with brown/strawberry highlights) and

"Cami" 1B color (Natural Black) both in 24in length.

I'm about 4'9 - ish height and the length comes to my booty.
~ Lexi, Lace Front Synthetic

The Good:
This wig, isn't a heat resistant synthetic fiber. The curls fall super nice.
Its affordable for a lace front and it also being synthetic. 
Good highlights. 
Doesn't require bonding methods, can be worn as a normal wig.
The Bad:
The lace part is a bit unnatural and requires a lot more prep time to make it look a little normal. You can see the beadies from the hair knots. Not heat resistant.

~ Cami, Hi - Temp Synthetic
 Super straight black 24 inch lace front. This wig is really long and has no real cut to it. It just falls on my face and just lays there. This is the wig I wanted so badly. I guess it was too good to be true to me.

The Good:
Natural shine and color. Affordable lace front
The Bad:
No pre-style/ cut. Lace is softer (French Lace) than the Lexi, which this wig is meant for bonding.
So it was lifting off of my head.

The wigs are affordable. They have a natural shine and can be undetectable as fake hair.
The quality of the wigs are medium type in my opinion.
The hair is thin density, for a person with natural thick hair this looked awkward on my head and look like I was balding or went to a salon / stylist with really bad hair thinning techniques.
Prep time for wig - to make lace match scalp color. Knots are noticeable. Might need to tweeze the area for a natural parting. 
SUPER fast shipping. It took 3 days for me.

Bottom Line:

I don't think I'll be buying again from the store since the wigs here aren't suitable for me.

Lace fronts are too complicated for me, lots of prep time. I would much rather buy 2 or 3 wigs from cosplaywig ( another favorite ebay seller) in place of the prices for these wigs.

However, these are probably good for those who are beginners in lace fronts like myself.

Maybe that's why I can't appreciate it cause I'm so used to regular cosplay - type wigs and I will always enjoy them more than other types of wigs.


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    1. lol. I still think its an awesome idea. Very deceiving in photos, that's for sure.

  2. Emely, thanks for sharing your experience with wigs.

    Lace Front Wigs

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