Neo Queen 4 - Tone Brown Review

I had these lenses and realized I never did a review on these! Geez, I'm such a bad blogger.
Better late then never I suppose.

Brand: NEO
Diameter: 14.2
Enlargement: Minimal to None
Color Range: Brown, Hazel, Honey
Pattern/Design: Lines/Burst 

The lens have been created with four different colors and shades of brown and the last with a green for an extra pop of color for the bright and alluring look.
The lenses being made by NEO have the thinnest feeling lenses I've experienced so far. The comfort is really nice and the color opacity is dark enough to color your eyes but bright enough to see a difference.
That is something that I personally like.
I really recommend this to a person who wants color change and not an enlargement and to those who want to a natural color and doesn't stand out too much. People who pay attention to you and your eyes will notice it.

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  1. Thanks to this review I'm going to order these :) you're so pretty btw