Avenue Clothing Mini Haul

After looking back at the last time I posted something all I can do is think back and just say wow. I'm so sorry! It's almost the end of February and this is the 2nd post. Oh, man I'm so horrible!
Here is something that will hopefully make up for the gap, I've been very busy at work and there are a million reasons but I'll just talk about this haul for now.
Its a white blouse sleeveless with a bib lace collar and 2 verticle ribbon going down it.
I'm obviously not that great at explaining clothing articles, thank goodness for pictures!
 The second is a simple black blouse which is too big on me to wear as a shirt. Since it has the military feel to it because of the buttons I think you could dress it up or down by wearing it as a dress.
The camera was really buggin out when I tried to take the picture on this one. 
Anyways on to the next one.
Then I have this red and white polka dot asymmetrical shirt with ruffles going down the right side of the colllar. I find this really cute and its really different than what you find on a cutesy pattern like this. That's all I have for now.
I won a giveaway that pinky paradise was sponsoring through facebook. All you had to do was answer a question about a picture explaining what you thought it was. (Which is their newest lens cleanser) I really can't believe it because I don't usually win anything, ever. So, I hope I receive the lenses quickly!

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