NOTD: Cherry Nail Art + Upcoming Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to share with you a new art design for nails. For some of you who know..I got my nails done like two weeks back or something and I've been taking advantage. So here are a couple pictures of the nail design.

I'm really sorry my hands are a bit messy, I was watching Tangled while doing this and I also don't have any dotting tools or nail art brushes so I used a large bobby pin, the end of the smallest brush I had, and the brush hairs of said brush for the stems, one thing I would advise is to start pinky to thumb, its easier and have really good top coat fast drying type like Seche Vite, it is half finished so I got to make a quick run soon.
When doing the white dots for the "glare" or "reflective" dots make sure they are small and towards the top. 
The design I did reminds me of christmas.

Although, I would love too take all the credit for this nail art, I was actually going through a block and I looked up one of my favorite nail artists on youtube: cutepolish she has got some pretty great stuff!
I'll have to do a floral one next because this from far away looks like it could be a floral pattern! I hope to do pastel on a white base!
I should also buy a white polish since I only have the Sally Girl Sample size that are like .99cents (5.3ml/.18fl.oz)
If you ever seen the BONBON nail polishes for children, it is smaller than that!

Sweet Apricot Makeup Tutorial Preview


  1. oh I love them *O*♥ very cute! I'm very impatient and I can't wait until they are dry~ >.< so I only decorum nails once or twice a month T.T
    Have a nice day! ^^

    1. with the seche vite top coat it has made it so quick to dry, lol i mishandle the top coat, because with the 1st layer of white, i put a top coat then 2nd layer , topcoat and designs, top coat haha i abuse it so much im very impatient as well!