My Birthday Dinner at the Red Room Tavern

Okay, not quite my birthday yet, only two days early but I have to work sunday! So, in December of 2011 I won a pretty great prize. Two movie tickets and a $50 gift card to 
Billy's and Madelines's Red Room Tavern 
However, I had no idea where it was and I honestly didn't bother.
So, what more a perfect day to do it on then for my birthday, right?

It was a 30 minute drive and I went with my mother! Yay, mom!
Only one U-turn needed because my mom is a terrible person to help you 
with directions.

Okay so upon my arrival it was this small restaurant and bar and was dark lit.
Perfect for making you look better! 

So, onto to the photos.
I did ask the owners if it was alright to take pictures and obviously they let me because I got a lot!

I have to say that the saying "Enter in Strangers ~ Leave as Friends" is completely true, I felt as if I've known the people there and they were all so friendly! Everyone coming in through the doors greeted me!


Can you spot the photographer?

Monkeys were hanging from the ceilings as well as nets and fish.

Yay! Some real fish.

Can you believe this shell?

These are pictures taken by the restroom where the walls were filled with pictures, memories frozen in time.

The thing that allowed me to go to such a wonderful place where I will go back one day soon.

Believe it or not, I was dressed perfectly for the atmosphere here.

Chicken Fornaro with Garlic Bread

I had my order more on the sweet side than hot with the peppers. It was a simple dish but plentiful and I ate every last bit with a struggle.

I have to say that this was an amazing place for me it was quite a drive to get to this place but it was totally worth it so my readers in New Jersey go to
Billy and Madeline's Red Room Tavern

I give it 100 stars. lol

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  1. Ohhh~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^♥
    nice place and the food looks delicious *-*
    I hope you have a happy day♥ :)