NOTD: Cherry Nail Art + Upcoming Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to share with you a new art design for nails. For some of you who know..I got my nails done like two weeks back or something and I've been taking advantage. So here are a couple pictures of the nail design.

I'm really sorry my hands are a bit messy, I was watching Tangled while doing this and I also don't have any dotting tools or nail art brushes so I used a large bobby pin, the end of the smallest brush I had, and the brush hairs of said brush for the stems, one thing I would advise is to start pinky to thumb, its easier and have really good top coat fast drying type like Seche Vite, it is half finished so I got to make a quick run soon.
When doing the white dots for the "glare" or "reflective" dots make sure they are small and towards the top. 
The design I did reminds me of christmas.

Although, I would love too take all the credit for this nail art, I was actually going through a block and I looked up one of my favorite nail artists on youtube: cutepolish she has got some pretty great stuff!
I'll have to do a floral one next because this from far away looks like it could be a floral pattern! I hope to do pastel on a white base!
I should also buy a white polish since I only have the Sally Girl Sample size that are like .99cents (5.3ml/.18fl.oz)
If you ever seen the BONBON nail polishes for children, it is smaller than that!

Sweet Apricot Makeup Tutorial Preview


Autumn Rose Makeup Tutorial

I've been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for a long time and I finally got to doing it. It's not all fancy and it's pretty basic and I hope you doves enjoy it. Please let me know if I need to be more clear on my instructions. This is pretty much my first tutorial and I would love helpful advice.
I really enjoyed making this video and I hope to do plenty more!

3 looks working towards video.

Hi I haven't posted anything in a while so I'll kind of catch up with you guys on the things that I've been doing lately.
Okay, so my birthday passed last sunday and I had a cake. Strawberry Shortcake.

These are the three looks that I have been working on: Gyaru Inspired, Puppet Doll, Rag Doll (Sally Inspired)

  So, Once i get the things for the looks like for example, the wigs...then I will do a full length video.
  I have more to want to do for makeup looks but i don't like doing things half-way. So, there you have it, I should be financially situated in mid to late February. I would love to do these as soon as possible, don't worry I'll most likely do the gyaru inspired makeup. I've never really had much practice with making makeup videos so please be nice when they're uploaded XD. To be honest they will most likely be silent with music and written tutorials or something. okay!


My Birthday Dinner at the Red Room Tavern

Okay, not quite my birthday yet, only two days early but I have to work sunday! So, in December of 2011 I won a pretty great prize. Two movie tickets and a $50 gift card to 
Billy's and Madelines's Red Room Tavern 
However, I had no idea where it was and I honestly didn't bother.
So, what more a perfect day to do it on then for my birthday, right?

It was a 30 minute drive and I went with my mother! Yay, mom!
Only one U-turn needed because my mom is a terrible person to help you 
with directions.

Okay so upon my arrival it was this small restaurant and bar and was dark lit.
Perfect for making you look better! 


Blush on my face

Today I'm going to be talking about the two blushes that I use on my face in these cold times.
The first is NYX Blush in Mauve and the second is actually a powder foundation by Maybelline called FITme! in 325 which "fit me" in the summer time. I use as a very close nudey brown color. Just so you know there is a video which will be posted at the end of this blog post and now to some pictures!

NYX Powder Blush in Mauve

I exaggerated the application of this blush so it would show up in the camera.

Foundation Powder FITme! in 325

It's like I say in the the video, its like really natural, barely there.


[ENDED]Circle Lens Giveaway

The Giveaway will end on February 10th at 12am EST.
Remember, entering for the extra entries will give a higher chance for you to win this prize.


Back into Photography

Thanks to this Project 365, where you take a picture once a day, everyday pretty much to catalogue your life or journey throughout the year, and also to get me back into photography which is why I ever bought a camera in the first place.


If you follow me on twitter, a lot of new pictures have been posted as well as me uploading my photo journey at deviant art. i believe that is the link? I just wanted to post a few photos of my project as well as a few drawings from 2011 I did, as I was getting back into drawing.


Mini Yesstyle Haul

Hi Guys! After much stalking on Yesstyle.com I bought a few things in December that I have been eyeing for a long time and I took advantage of a sale. I bought a pink dolman sweater with white/pink stripes going down the shoulder and a blue asymmetrical drawstring blouse, drawstring on the waist and as accent on one shoulder. I also bought a thick knit scarf which is about 4 feet long and two tone oxford style flats.

Unfortunately, I only got the stock photo for one of the tops because I bought the last item for the pink sweater so it was quickly removed from the site. Well, Here you go!

Brand: I.MODA by OrangeBear
I have to say that the stock didn't show that drawstring accent on the right shoulder because the stripe over shirt was covering it. I also thought the material would be a little bit thicker but it was very thin, for summer wear more like, perhaps. I was still happy. The same thought with the pale pink sweater. I bought it in size 56 which had a bust size of 56 inches to 60 inches, It was big so I wear it as a dress.
The Pale pink sweater is my favorite purchase I wear it a lot. It's very comfortable and light.

The Knit Scarf is so amazing! It's really thick and warm and so soft! I bought it in the beige color.
I seriously use this scarf almost everyday! 
Brand: Beccgirl. 
It has really good quality and tight strands so its not easy unravel.
The stock photo that sold me, It was originally priced at $35.00 but I waited and bought it at $22.40 so what is that like 20% off? Here is the link if you want something super warm and soft for the winter time. Seriously, you will love it. The Beccgirl Knit Scarf its still on sale for that price right now, so take advantage.
The Two tone Oxford style flats
Brand: Nongli

I really like the style and I thought it would be a really different look to what I usually wear.
I've worn these already for quite a few wears so I'm ready to review this critically and very in-depth to help you girls out. I think this footwear was a miss for me. I bought these at $17.60 at 20% off Original Price at $22.00

Brand: Nongli
Style: Lace-Up Perforated Flats

Fashion Forward
Two Tone match broader spectum of style and color outfits
Good Laces! - The only thing I like about these

No Support, Flat Sole
Good to look at, not for walking or working in.
Threading is not strong enough, will unravel.

I wear about a 7 1/2 or 8 in some sizes. I order a size 8. I would not recommend these types of shoes. I wore them to work wear I stand for at least 3 to 4 hours and maybe more or less. I had to sit down to ease the pain and I wanted to take them off! I was more comfortable walking barefoot ! (with socks)
Thicker socks help with this style. Still not worth putting money into.

My yesstyle experience was pretty simple. To take advantage of the promotions or coupons you have to checkout through the site and not through paypal. That was the downside so I was a little flustered trying to get it to checkout on the yesstyle site. The shipping took about 2 weeks. I also recommend looking at the availability of the item before you checkout because you will be waiting. If it says for example..

Price: 28.00
Accent Pom Cable Knit Scarf - 7 to 14 days

You will have to wait 7 to 14 days until they recieve stock of the item then they will send it to you and they also let you know when all the items have been sent to ship out by sending you a invoice. 

My Overall Experience:

The bad about Yesstyle:
There aren't reviews on the site.
You can not leave reviews on the site.

Will I shop there again?
I loved most of the items that I purchased from this site and honestly I can't wait for my next one!
Of course when it comes to shoes, I will try to be more careful.