Time to break the news!
I am moving to South Carolina and I'm starting my life there.
So as most of you can already guess, I am going on a Hiatus - is that the right word to use?
I'm leaving the blog stationary here until I get a internet connection. I also wanted to organize and revamp my blog too but I dont think that could be done now because its really sloppy and shows how clumsy I was when I first started this blog.



Wearing Dollywink #11: Review

I got the Dollywink lashes from Pretty&Cute they have them all.

The lashes don't disappoint being a KOJI brand. Super soft and natural looking. Apply it just right, and you can make it look like its all your lashes.

I really like how you recieve two pairs of these lashes, since I tend to use them quite a bit.
I would say these are sensitive and you would need to use a tool like cosmetic tweezers to handle them. I can't say how many times I've pulled off a knot of lash hairs off trying to take off the glue with my fingers. I promise I was gentle as I could but they just ripped off!

I would give it a 3.8 out of  5 rating.

The lashes are soft to the touch feeling like human hair.
The band on the lashes look hand tied and virtually invisible.
The band is also lightweight.

Hassle on each application
Could not use entire band
Hairs pulled apart easily 
Felt very fragile

Applying them as a band was much too difficult for me, No matter how I bend to shape the curve for my eyes they wouldn't stay and I'd have glue all over my lids.
Cutting them in half made this process go easier.

I had a lot of trouble each application with the end sticking and holding down. Maybe the glue included isn't strong enough to hold on my type of eyelids. Maybe they are too oily or my eyes produce a little more tears than the glue was made to handle. I haven't had a problem like this when I used a basic glue like DUO but then again..it was waterproof.

I always loved how long the lashes usually are, and that's why I like to use an asian brand of false lashes because they do tend to be longer to create an effect of longer eyes and whatever else compared to the american brands which are usually to enhance what you have, and they have a shorter lash band.

Bottom Line: KOJI and Dolly wink is such a big name. Truly  I just have to give it to you straight though from my experience with this particular lash. Honestly ...I had to constantly fight with it just to stay on where I wanted it and kept having to reapply it. I had to cut it up just to use it and I don't like doing that, because I feel like that takes away from the lash and the effect.



[Personal] Finally..Back Online

I'm back! Oh my goodness! So much has happened but I'm glad to be back.
I'll post a few of my grabs from my trip and to be honest I didn't get to do a lot of sight seeing.
I didn't get to video blog because I didn't go anywhere or do anything. I will be going back to South Carolina soon though.
However, I will continue to do this thing I'm doing here. Haha.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I move over there about internet because I'll be keeping it here with my brother.


[Personal] My Vacation is Arriving

  I am leaving to go to South Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and as some of my twitter followers know I don't have a smartphone so I wont be uploading any photos through twitter. 
                      I will probably leave little updates here and now and then. 
  The time of the train will be about 14 hours, and already I have run into problems! I'm so short financially and when I return it will be just horrible. For right now though, I don't care

I have my tickets and will be finalizing my packing today 
later this evening. I am having some clothing articles cleaned 
and once that's done, I can pack but not before spending four hours at work.

I hope you all can be patient until I return for some nice southern - type photos.
I will also try to vlog while I'm there as well. They won't be uploaded until I return as well.

I'm going for a week! August 4th to 12th. 


Upcoming Review and FOTD

Dolly Wink Otona Collection: No.14 in Natural Cute
Dolly Wink Otona Collection: No. 11 in Pure Sweet



MOTD: Tangerine Lips

Just a makeup look. I was fooling around basically and came up with this.
wearing an "Alluring Wig" wig
For the lips I used an orange eye shadow on top of a intense hydrating lip balm.

I contoured my face and nose.
Deepened the crease with dark brown 
 I am wearing Dollywink No.11 for Top Lash.


Video: Sweet Floral Pastel Nail Art

I received a lot of compliments on my designs when I was at work or wherever and I thought. "huh, this should be a video, I haven't had a new one lately."


Messing with No.14

    Trying out my dollywink in No.14.

Still trying to figure out how to easily put them on.
Very hard for beginners of lower lashes.
Wearing half lashes on top.
    My nail art inspired by Rihanna's "You da one" Music Video. Simple to do and edgy looking.
    Also creates optical illusion of super sharp nails


Avenue Bra Haul

Peach Color Lace Balconette

Designs and fashionable undergarments are hard to find for women of bigger size. Avenue is my one stop for bras. They hold up well and are comfortable. 
A little expensive.
Lavender Cotton Polka Dot Balconette

The peach balconette fetch $40 USD and the $34 USD with Buy One Get One 50% off it totaled $57 USD.
They also have "Bra Club" Buy 5 and Get 1 free.


Review: China Glaze "For Audrey"

China Glaze "For Audrey" has a really beautiful hue. A combination of sea green and turquoise. 
Brand China Glaze doesn't usually disappoint polish-goers with easy brush and opacity.
Great consistency throughout the product.
Base and Top Coat were not used in this photo. One Coat of "For Audrey" used.

14 mL - .5 Fl Oz in the bottle which allows you to apply this color fifty times over
Sheer: 1  - Opaque: 5
Opacity Level: 5

Final Thought: Gets the job done! A personal favorite.
* Best when used with Seche Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. 


Strawberries and Independence!

Check out the strawberry tumblers I got through Etsy, my goodness so gorgeous and beautifully handcrafted. Like I said bought from Etsy for about 20 dollars and shipping was about 12 arrive in a week and a some. So pretty! I saw some yellow theme white daisy ones that I want so I'll grab those too.


Makeup Look: Mass Effect - Female Quarian

Back story:
As some of you know, I am REALLY into video games only to direct thanks to my brother. I got into one franchise called Mass Effect. Anyways, here you have it. You're a leader, you have to save the galaxy and you make your own choices (RPG) whether they are good or bad. They have consequences.
They also have a number of species; aliens that are known throughout the game and one of them is called quarian. They are known to be closely resembling humans but you don't get to see until that "supposed" last installment. They are in these suits and helmets because they have low tolerance/ immune systems.


Current Obsession: Polyvore

I was introduced to this site by a cousin and I have to say I like it! I can just mix and match clothing articles and accessories and make a collage or fashion points or whatever. These are just the first few sets that I've done. What do you think?

Mint Focused


Feeling Better!

Writing out my feelings made
me feel a lot better and I have my
positive outlook once again! I
even fixed up my blog since last time
and usually that always makes me
feel better! What do you think about it?

Okay, so basically, I also wrote this post wondering what sort of things do you want to see?
Circle Lens?
Makeup Tutorials?
Personal Blogs?
Makeup Reviews?

Have something else in mind? Please comment on it! I'd love to hear your ideas or anything else you might have to say

Coming up:
+ Geo Olive Brown Showcase Video and Review
I just need to buy a bottle of contact lens solution before I can do that.


[Personal] Confusion and Distance

Its been nearly a month since my last blog post and I haven't been doing well. I've been working a little bit more and while it isn't excruciating work it isn't without the usual fatigue. I also have been having issues with a social life.

While I've moved for over a year to a new state, Its harder to make those lasting friendships that matter. I don't have many events that pull me into a very active social life than I had in my previous life.

I find it hard because I always feel like I'm leading a double life!
I know that since my move, I've changed, for the better? I can't say. I know that emotionally and mentally I am stronger and I can deal with confrontation much better than before.


Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown Circle Lens

Today I'm back with a circle lens from Color Lens World that I have been eyeing since its first release and I know its been over done but I wanted to try it.

~ Geo Cafe Mimi Machiatto Brown   

Cafe Macchiato Lens Video at the bottom of the post!


NYX Lipcolor in 630 & 529

Here is another NYX swatch for Pumpkin Pie (630) and Thalia (529). I think the colors are nice and opaque and on a scale from  1 to 5 and 1 being sheer, this color is about a 3.5/4.0. I have to apply about three layers for the opacity that I prefer.

Good opacity

Tastes weird
so try to eat as little as possible.

Thalia is a mauve color - lol which I was hoping it would not be considering I have 3 different shades of the mauve type color. Blarrr

And since spring is coming around, I have Pumpkin Pie which looks like its orange but came up on my skin as a mango orange in - between and it was very close to a nude color. So that's super nice.


NYX Lipgloss in 159 } Smokey Look

Here I have a lipgloss by NYX cosmetics that I've been trying out for a bit and here's a swatch of it and so comes with it the pros and cons. 

I love the bow on the applicator here! I always make sure to capture it!
Okay, the great thing about NYX is the fact that all the cosmetics are hypoallergenic. 


Reputable Sellers

Okay, So you look around through blogs, youtube channels and search all over the webs. It seems like there is only a handful of reputable sellers! Fret not, my lovelies here I have a list of some sellers that have white-list reputation all in one spot, so you can chose which is best for you. 
I hope this helps!

This is in no way a complete list. These are just a few that you can shop safely at.

I also was made aware of a shop that has went off the deep end. I personally have never had issues with ECL and now I hear my fellow bloggers had to suffer. However, since this has been brought to light by a lovely follower of mine, I will no longer partake in purchasing lenses from ECL. I don't want to promote a sketchy seller like that.

You can check April Fool Romance's blogpost on the matter due to Hytericmint's post about "How Defective lenses damaged my eyes." She explains it far better than I ever could.

I am firm in my belief that the lenses I have purchased from ECL were authentic since they were manufactured by GEO Medical. I have no doubt those are well handled and cared for by Geo.
Geo, being widely known and is a huge manufacturer - makes the lenses like 
Angel Series, Sugar Candy, Nudy Series and most famously the Princess Mimi label.

I wanted to post a list of white list sellers for my followers. 
The link with asterisk beside them - I have personal and positive experience with.
OH! I found a site where there is a WHOLE list of sellers
Gaia Online - Circle Lens Seller Thread

Here you can find all of the white listed sellers as well as the black listed sellers as to avoid them.


Puffy 3Tone Violet ~ Shinny Violet Review

Thanks to Pinky Paradise for these lenses! I won them in a facebook fan page giveaway. All I had to do was answer a question and bam! few hours later, I was messaged. So, yay! It took like...what, two weeks?
In the envelope was...

Puffy 3Tone Violet showcase video at the bottom of the post.


Ebay Seller: Alluring Wigs - Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

I think I love nothing more than a seller who makes sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their order. I really love that. 
Diane owns the store and she gave me top notch customer service and she even reserved a wig for me because I was so obsessed with it and I wanted it so badly.

( It turned out not to be as great as I hoped but I made it work.)

Packaging! - Awesome! Inside was the hair in a plastic baggie with closure .
I bought two wigs.

"Lexi" is a 1B/33 color ( Natural black with brown/strawberry highlights) and

"Cami" 1B color (Natural Black) both in 24in length.

I'm about 4'9 - ish height and the length comes to my booty.


Ebay Seller: cosplaywig - Hazelnut Light Brown wig

So check this, this seller has its own wigs with custom store name tags in the wig. I think that's awesome. These wigs are 100% Kanekalon fiber which for those who don't know; it can be styled with heat tools at a limited heat temperature. However the wigs are already pre - styled and keep their shape and style through transit quite well! 
The color through this picture looked like something I wanted something ash tone and brown, but since its online the screen resolution and brightness levels and such can be different as well as the lighting the pictures are taken in and the camera being used. 
Needless to say there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing things like this because you don't always get the color you want. So expect less or nothing of the color and you won't be disappointed.

I think this wig is absolutely fabulous. It was under the tab GAL/GYARU wig. These wigs are WELL made. I've had my fair share of wigs all through the price spectrum, this is amazing quality. Thick a little heavy, but good hair density. Point type. which means it has a "skin top" but I don't see it. Its just all pulls together to a little circle, whatever I wasn't looking for anything "skin top".
The envelope came with a Free mesh wig cap, a notecard and wig.

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a blurry photo! Here you can see the true shade of the wig without the flash blowing out the color. It was called "Hazelnut" Light Brown. 
Anyways, I'll be wearing this one until I order another one from this seller. I mean the wig doesn't really shed nor tangle easily. 
Highly Recommend!


Maybelline "Pulse Perfection" Mascara

I have been using this mascara for a while and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. It has a button on the wand that allows the whole mascara wand to pulse with vibration while pressing the button. It feels really weird and I always feel like I'm going to poke my eyes out! So, I'm extra careful in applying it because I'm terribly clumsy. 

This mascara promises 7 things:
1. Luscious Thickness
2. Luxurious Length
3. Smooth Separation
4. Intense Color
5. Shapely Curve
6. Healthy Luster
7. Zero Clumps

In my experience this mascara truly fulfills about 6 of these.
However the promises I find may have been a little tweaked is the smooth separation and the shapely curve as it makes my lashes look a little furry/frayed. That however, doesn't discourage me from applying it because the results are phenomenal.
I used a simple "slide" motion just moving the wand up and not shimmying it from side to side because its already vibrating.


Now on BlogLovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I wanted to make a quick post on the bloglovin'. I have joined in it, you know whatever it is. I'm still getting used to it and I realize and heard that Blogger/ GFC is slowly being ..bad.
It hasn't been updating the followers with the most recent posts that a blogger makes and that can be bad for a reader! I mean what about all the giveaways?! You could miss them! So anyways you can continue following me through GFC but I would prefer bloglovin' or if you want you could follow both! I don't know if I'll be keeping GFC in the long run if it means service will be lack but in the meantime I'll keep it.

What do you think? Was it a good idea to get bloglovin'?


March Giveaway: Zoya Nail Polish

I have been a horrible blogger lately. There is no excuse so I thought why not have another giveaway...just a small one to make you forgot how awful I am!

Zoya has really amazing top notch quality when it comes down to it. Their polishes well...you can check it out here.

The item to be given away is this amazing matte nail polish called "Mitzi" Perfect for the spring and summer seasons! yay!

For more information on the select item to be given away look here.

I will be doing the giveaway via Rafflecopter, because I always wanted to try it so why not do it on something simple first? Right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Neo Queen 4 - Tone Brown Review

I had these lenses and realized I never did a review on these! Geez, I'm such a bad blogger.
Better late then never I suppose.

Brand: NEO
Diameter: 14.2
Enlargement: Minimal to None
Color Range: Brown, Hazel, Honey
Pattern/Design: Lines/Burst 

The lens have been created with four different colors and shades of brown and the last with a green for an extra pop of color for the bright and alluring look.
The lenses being made by NEO have the thinnest feeling lenses I've experienced so far. The comfort is really nice and the color opacity is dark enough to color your eyes but bright enough to see a difference.
That is something that I personally like.
I really recommend this to a person who wants color change and not an enlargement and to those who want to a natural color and doesn't stand out too much. People who pay attention to you and your eyes will notice it.


Avenue Clothing Mini Haul

After looking back at the last time I posted something all I can do is think back and just say wow. I'm so sorry! It's almost the end of February and this is the 2nd post. Oh, man I'm so horrible!
Here is something that will hopefully make up for the gap, I've been very busy at work and there are a million reasons but I'll just talk about this haul for now.
Its a white blouse sleeveless with a bib lace collar and 2 verticle ribbon going down it.
I'm obviously not that great at explaining clothing articles, thank goodness for pictures!
 The second is a simple black blouse which is too big on me to wear as a shirt. Since it has the military feel to it because of the buttons I think you could dress it up or down by wearing it as a dress.
The camera was really buggin out when I tried to take the picture on this one. 
Anyways on to the next one.
Then I have this red and white polka dot asymmetrical shirt with ruffles going down the right side of the colllar. I find this really cute and its really different than what you find on a cutesy pattern like this. That's all I have for now.
I won a giveaway that pinky paradise was sponsoring through facebook. All you had to do was answer a question about a picture explaining what you thought it was. (Which is their newest lens cleanser) I really can't believe it because I don't usually win anything, ever. So, I hope I receive the lenses quickly!


Candy Magic Brown Review + Giveaway Winner

I got another review for you guys! But first I'd like to announce the winner for the Circle Lens Giveaway!
I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway and making it a success. I hope to do this again and for it to be even more amazing. 
I will have another giveaway to celebrate my blog for my 4 year anniversary.
Okay, Now to the winner.
Congratulations to Rd3sign
I have sent an email to you.

I have been eyeing these lenses for a long time but on my favorite lens sites they were all sold out! I couldn't ever get them, that's where I went searching and found LensVillage. They are exactly everything I hoped for them to be, and I'm very happy for that.

The limbal ring which is completely black is so enlarging and I find this to be the attractive aspect of circle lenses aside from the varying colors and designs they have to offer. The design is similar to the GEO Angel but it has a lot more iris coloring and a "enlargement" ring to it. The color is a gold type brown and is fairly visible in many lighting.

The lenses by the window in sunlight.

I wore these lenses for about 4 to 6 hours and I didn't feel much discomfort. Personally, I felt a little bit of dryness but I think overall it was exceptional, maybe because it was the EOS brand which are more suitable for my eyes. 
Comfort: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Color: 5/5 

Candy Magic King Size Brown Video

I also wanted to share with you a fragrance that I recently purchase at a unbelievable discount that I'm so happy I bought.

It has this beautiful scent that is super soft with top tones of Coconut and Vanilla Bean.
I didn't look up the other notes in the fragrance but as soon as I put it on I smelled a hint of jasmine to it.
I think it is a perfect spring time perfume and the package...andI'm a sucker for packaging...is amazing and so adorable! This is the .33 oz size, I believe. However I have a different fragrance in a .17 fl. oz that I have barely made a dent in so, I think this will do!


NOTD: Cherry Nail Art + Upcoming Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to share with you a new art design for nails. For some of you who know..I got my nails done like two weeks back or something and I've been taking advantage. So here are a couple pictures of the nail design.

I'm really sorry my hands are a bit messy, I was watching Tangled while doing this and I also don't have any dotting tools or nail art brushes so I used a large bobby pin, the end of the smallest brush I had, and the brush hairs of said brush for the stems, one thing I would advise is to start pinky to thumb, its easier and have really good top coat fast drying type like Seche Vite, it is half finished so I got to make a quick run soon.
When doing the white dots for the "glare" or "reflective" dots make sure they are small and towards the top. 
The design I did reminds me of christmas.

Although, I would love too take all the credit for this nail art, I was actually going through a block and I looked up one of my favorite nail artists on youtube: cutepolish she has got some pretty great stuff!
I'll have to do a floral one next because this from far away looks like it could be a floral pattern! I hope to do pastel on a white base!
I should also buy a white polish since I only have the Sally Girl Sample size that are like .99cents (5.3ml/.18fl.oz)
If you ever seen the BONBON nail polishes for children, it is smaller than that!

Sweet Apricot Makeup Tutorial Preview