Ebay Seller: Ellenviva - Super Cute Bunny Ring

Hiii! I'm back with a short post on this place that I found on Ebay, now don't get discouraged! Ebay is a great place to get discounts and amazingly affordable things. My rule of thumb is not to spend something over $50 but I usually have like a $40 limit on my purchases anyways. I'm completely sidetracked now, Okay so this seller ellenviva has amazing fashion  jewelry and they are really unique pieces. I bought the bunny ring because it was so unique and so cute. I've never seen anything like it. I had to get it.

The packaging really blew me away. It was so very nice and I loved the box.

I really enjoyed the note card and the size of the ring looked so small, the size I got was 7 and I didnt know it at first but the ring is adjustable, so if you are 7 and 3/4 ring size it will fit. lol, the style was brass-type.

I love the fine detailing put into the item, it looks so carefully made! As you can tell im head over heels for this ring! 

Okay let me review this seller and item.
Had excellent communication
Was very friendly
Shipped product quickly and received it within a weeks' time.
Top rated Seller

Small, not in the way
Several colors to chose from like silver or gold
Can not handle water well, assume this for most liquids.
Tarnish very easily, paint chips once wet.
Discoloration transfers to hands (ex. green markings)

Total Rating:

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