Geo Olive Gray Circle Lens Review

Okay, so remember when I told you of my purchase from lens village? I received it a while back of course. Circumstances forced me to push back the review for this quite significantly. However, I got back around to it. If you want to order from Lens Village - go ahead , they're legit. Prices are amazing and don't break bank. They have a ton of promotions and deals to certainly take advantage of. I want to share my experience with you of course, but first let me say that I WILL be ordering from them again.

Lens Village Review:

Price: Excellent
Quality: All Authentic
Shopping Experience: Simple, Easy
Customer Service: Excellent

I ordered Geo Olive Brown and Gray, Barbie (Candy Baby Doll) at 14.2 Brown
However shipping was fairly quick being shipped from Malaysia. I received it and open the package. I recieved 2/3 lenses correct. the incorrect one was I think from their site is the Dreamy.i Brown which to me resembles the max pure series. Slight inconvience, I wouldn't have minded but the lens had power -1.25 so of course I contacted them and they gave me two options. Keep the wrong lens and get 50% off next purchase or send it back and get reimbursed for shipping costs to receive the correct lens. Of course, I chose to send it back. I'm in the process of doing that now.

Regardless, of this mishap they were understanding of the situation and of this simple flop. I would order again because I know mistakes happen and we're all not perfect as human beings - they also have the lowest prices I've seen. So on to the pictures!

Geo Olive Brown 

Geo Olive Gray
I went to geo.fw1860.com to verify. However you can only do this once. I tried to do this again to get a screenshot. I was unable to do it but it said something like congrats, you've bought a authorized authentic lens by geo medical. **huzzahh!

Name: Geo Olive Gray
Also Known as: Ash Wing
Code: OL-105

The outer ring has diagonal slashes of a darker grey for that slight enlargement. Lighter shade of grey for the iris color and on the inside it has frayed lines and squiggles. It helps to look at the picture though.

The color is natural to the eye. It isn't like BAM! Brown. BAM! Grey.
It's pretty dark too. I like it though, its really nice for winter season. It hints the color rather than over take in most lighting.

14.0 Diameter
Slight Enlargement
Good for work
Good for small eyes
Fairly comfortable

May be a bit dark for those who want it to be noticed
Doesn't enlarge as much being only 14.0
For Me: Drys my eyes a bit at the 4 hour mark.

Note: Everyone is different. Dry eyes when wearing contacts can also cause blurriness, this can be cared for using eye drops specifically for contacts, it also helps to put regular hydrating drops before you insert your lenses. It always helps to have clean hands when handling lenses so debris is less likely to bother you!

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