Zoya Nail Polish Haul

Naturally, I could never take beautiful photos like these, stock and labeled. The are my first investment nail polishes. I usually buy the cheap polishes and I have to say this is a nice step up, I bought this trio a long long time ago from a promotion that was I think (Buy 2, Get 1 free or Buy 2, get 1) *Plus shipping and handling. Something along those line.

Mimi is the shimmery purple. Perfect color for those colder months and still have that super girly touch of glitter to this awesome pop of color.

Mitzi is this cool and sweet matte color, no shine and better matched to bare nails. That means no base or top coat ladies! This is the brightest lime type green color great for spring or summer.

Raven is the classic noir and classy girl trendsetter. With a dash of shimmer for that chic girl, this is a must-have polish for any season, but I think it stands out more beautifully in the winter months! I highly recommend this color. Smoother than any black nail color you can buy. I love it so much.

Here is a quick capture of the colors - when I mean quick, I mean I slapped this on my fingernails.
It's not pretty but it gets the point across!

Zoya is amazing and I really wish places like Sally's would carry them. It's still nice to get them online too.
I guess I just like shopping with things that are tangeble.
You can see a few shimmers across raven and the flat color of mitzi and the bold girl mimi with purple and mild glittler.

Thanks to my macro showing the beauty of my hands! xD

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