Rimmel Lipstick in 070 and 380

Darlings! I have a two new lipsticks that I would like to share with you. As some of you know, I hurt myself by accident and well, I'm not going to be wearing contacts or eye makeup for a months time. I know it might be a little excessive but I feel it necessary. So, I purchased these to brighten up my sick looking face since my eyes are taking a time-out.

I mean just look at this! Rimmel has done an amazing job making this drug-store product look a little higher end. I really enjoy looking at the crown. This color is 380 Vintage Pink. In actuality, the sticker color is nothing like the lipstick. The color is a mauve pink with purple undertones.
Here a swatch

Then there is also the 070 Airy Fairy, which is a nude pink color.

I guess the crown is a trademark for Rimmel. This color is exactly how it's depicted. I gotta say it. I have fallen head over heels for this color. It's this perfect nude color that matches my skin tone and doesnt flush me out or look way over done.

Then this is how the sticks look in the tube.

I've got to say when it comes to makeup - I am a bargain shopper, thats not to say that I only buy things $6 or less, which is not completely untrue but my local Walgreens was having a sale Buy One, Get Another 50% Off. Yep, They suckered me in and I bought it.

 You said something happened to your eye...
I have had an incredible past few days. I scratched the outer edge of my cornea (corneal abrasion) and I experienced unimaginable pain along with annoyance. For two hours I flushed my eyes, searched for debri and put in several different lubricating eye drops. I was crying because I didn't know what to do, so I called my mom and had her drive me to the emergency room. The wait was 3 hours, when you think about it..it isn't too long, and I napped for most of the wait time. My eyes hurt everytime I tried to blink, so naturally I fell asleep. Then, after an hour, the pain started to come when my eyes were closed then, when I moved my eyes around I became sensitive to light and got major headaches. I told the doctor that I think I scratched my cornea, he brought in another doctor - opthomolgist? eye doctor. instilled a color solution to see the surface and swollen up my tear duct for a short while. It burned with heat for a bit but it felt so great because I couldn't feel the sandpaper feeling in my eyes. I went home around 4am and went to work at 9:30am. Eye still swollen and I explained to my boss what had happened, he basically didnt want me to work, but I told him I was okay, besides..I have tuesday off. (That's today.) So, its gotten better, still healing and the redness and swelling went down significantly. I've been taking the medicine they gave me and it's been making me sleep so comfortably. It helps and I've been taking it 4 times every 6 hours. I have to say this is something that I never want to happen again. EVER.
So,I tell you this my friends, use a super soft cloth or facial tissue for your face to avoid this.

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