Nursing the past

No, this isn't some deep journal type entry post, I looked back at deviantart of my oldest drawings, seems like I only put up one and a few photography type, but remember this before you see the picture. This was five years ago or so. When I had passion and dedication to make well on something. I don't think I'll ever be able to do this again. So without further ado.


This a drawing done by hand, you can see all of my nervous strokes. Nothing like a number two pencil.
You can see my initials in the bottom right. E.H. (heart) I was trying to still make up my mind on what it should be. I scanned it. Looking at this, makes me want to start back up again, my imagination has completely disappeared - at least thats how I feel. I will try to find my center and motivate myself to do more drawings.
I miss it all.

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