Luxy Hair: 100% Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extentions

Hi Darlings! I've been losing so much daylight so quickly, no time for videos and well I just wanted to post about this small business owned by two sisters: Mimi and Leyla. You can read their story below.

As you can see they are super gorgeous and they are also super nice as well, they upload videos on youtube and help you on wear and care and even help you with styling tips and tutorials. I think this is the best part about it all. Reviews of their hair extensions are always excellent and customers never have anything negative to say.

They carry two types of hair extentions; one for very fine to medium type and another from medium to thick hair types.
If you don't know which set to get I recommend to get the 160g set, because its always better to have more than not have enough. Believe me, I have experienced that and it doesn't feel great.

The colors they have are very good, they have been dyed with a ray of highlights and lowlights to compliment even those with natural or dyed hair and makes it effortless to blend between the hair you're born with and the hair you've bought.
Jet Black - 1
Off Black - 1B
Dark Brown - 2
Chocolate Brown - 4
Chesnut Brown - 6
Strawberry Blonde - 16
Dirty Blonde - 18
Bleach Blonde - 613
Ash Blonde - 60
Vibrant Auburn - 33

A total of 10 colors.
If you're still unsure of which color you should get you can always contact them and send them pictures and they can help you in choosing a color. They do their best to satisfy their customers and they actually care for them. That's what I love about these sisters.
For this quality of hair, the price is amazingly affordable and the hair itself is very durable.
It can last up to a year or more with proper care, I mean have you ever had a wig for a year? Not me, I say.
Check the luxy hair site:
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