Dizon Eye Hyper Seeshell Violet

Hello! How was your thanksgiving day? I was so stuffed last night that I could not move! Even my brother could not. Although, he did manage to squeeze in a few homemade pumpkin pies into his stomach. We never pass up a homemade pumpkin pie and well...there was two.

I finally posted a video on this circle lens, I believe I made an earlier post with a vial and case double photo and that was about it.
This time I've finally put it together, and here it is!

I was trying to get the pixels in the lens like the candy brown video but I couldn't. Not as well, anyway.
So, anyway I think this is much like the candy brown (G208) but this one is better in my opinion it isn't as harsh and so in your face with it. It's soft and subtle and I bet this type would look amazing in a brown color.

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