Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Hi loves, I just wanted to share a quick hair care item that is currently working for me. I find that usually when I straighten my hair a few days later my scalp becomes irritated and I have loose dandruff on my hair. I've been using scalp and dandruff treatment shampoos and it really upsets me when I find this when its the most visible - when my hair is straight. When I wear my hair curly I guess it gets lost in the curls, I can't explain. Anyways enough about my unfortunate scalp condition.

Tea tree oil. When I first heard this, it was from my mother, she has very curly hair and she takes care of her hair like completely as well as her health. Its unheard of for me, because in school I heard that hair is dead. I realize once it grows out from the scalp it is, but otherwise from beneath the scalp its still living.
 Tea Tree oil is not at all greasy or thick or weightful. Its rather light and a few drops is all you need.

What it does:
Natural Anti-bacterial oil with extra protection for hair and body

Use for skin irritation and oily skin.
Prevents itchy, dry scalp.
Anti-dandruff and anti-fungal.
Also be used as Massage oil or while in sauna.
I looked at the ingredients and you would not believe how many oil sources it comes from.
Tea tree, Canola, Sunflower, Castor, Olive, Cotton Seed, Grape Seed, and Jojoba. it also has Tocopherol and Fragrance.

I usually use it in replacement of conditioner.
I wash my hair with dandruff shampoo then ordinary cleansing shampoo. When my hair becomes damp I apply it maintaining focus on the scalp. I only use about 2 - 3 drops of this and what is left on my hands, I run throughout my hair.

I also have been deep conditioning since that previous hair bleaching. Its been better but I'm overdue for a trim. The deep conditioner I use is call Nature's Therepy by L'oreal its a tub with a cream body and green top. You can find it in a nearby Sally's Beauty store but don't be surprised if the packets are the only ones left. It's a very impressive product. I'll post about that a little later.

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