Almay 'Bright Eyes' Eyeshadow Duo

Yes, after an unexpected computer accident, I have return with a new one! My luck with technology - computers and cameras in general are always in the pit, soon to crash, damage or be broken by another. Yes, thats what happened. I'll spare you the agonizing details of the passing of my old laptop, the shortest lifespan ever of only a few months, my fault because I misplace the manufactor's warranty and I didnt get the extended warranty either. Oh well, Let's get down to what I really want to talk about.

As you can imagine I have done quite a bit of shopping and I have been taking pictures, I didn't do as much as I would like because I was saving up for a laptop but over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a review on most of the things I've bought, that means upcoming posts, videos and yes...another giveaway in the making. I promised the next one would have a pair of circle lenses, so be on the lookout for that.

The first of my review will be: Almay Bright Eyes: Eyeshadow Duo in #130 Nude. The shade target is : Light to Medium skin tones.

This eyeshadow is a cream type and it's really smooth and has a little bit of shimmer. Buying this I didnt know it was a cream eyeshadow, it didn't say on the back or advertise this feature at all. The colors on my skin barely showed up, maybe because my "medium shade" was darker than their medium shade was intended for but it left this really natural soft shimmer look. I regret I don't have a a color swatch, I deleted it off my computer so I might have to come back on that. I used this without primer, so that will probably play into a factor here.

Natural, Subtle shades
Targets all shades in the light to medium-light skin
Bargain at $1.00
Easy to rub off
Shimmer sticks to skin, color doesn't stick as well as it should.
Easily creases
Color fades after a few hours
Subtle, can also be unnoticeable.
Hard to pack on the shadow to make it stand out more.

I also found out that this eyeshadow was a cream to powder. It doesn't transform to powder. EVER.
I think this formula is completely failed in that way, I've used a cream to powder eyeshadow tube, I know what is supposed to happen. I think this is why they discontinued this, I certainly don't see this around anymore. Now I know why.

I didn't spend a fortune on this product, so even though I think this is a disappointment for me, I didn't have a lot to lose in disliking this product from Almay. I look forward to seeing more almay products being inventive and making hypoallergenic makeup affordable.

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