Rimmel Lipstick in 070 and 380

Darlings! I have a two new lipsticks that I would like to share with you. As some of you know, I hurt myself by accident and well, I'm not going to be wearing contacts or eye makeup for a months time. I know it might be a little excessive but I feel it necessary. So, I purchased these to brighten up my sick looking face since my eyes are taking a time-out.

I mean just look at this! Rimmel has done an amazing job making this drug-store product look a little higher end. I really enjoy looking at the crown. This color is 380 Vintage Pink. In actuality, the sticker color is nothing like the lipstick. The color is a mauve pink with purple undertones.
Here a swatch

Then there is also the 070 Airy Fairy, which is a nude pink color.

I guess the crown is a trademark for Rimmel. This color is exactly how it's depicted. I gotta say it. I have fallen head over heels for this color. It's this perfect nude color that matches my skin tone and doesnt flush me out or look way over done.

Then this is how the sticks look in the tube.

I've got to say when it comes to makeup - I am a bargain shopper, thats not to say that I only buy things $6 or less, which is not completely untrue but my local Walgreens was having a sale Buy One, Get Another 50% Off. Yep, They suckered me in and I bought it.

 You said something happened to your eye...
I have had an incredible past few days. I scratched the outer edge of my cornea (corneal abrasion) and I experienced unimaginable pain along with annoyance. For two hours I flushed my eyes, searched for debri and put in several different lubricating eye drops. I was crying because I didn't know what to do, so I called my mom and had her drive me to the emergency room. The wait was 3 hours, when you think about it..it isn't too long, and I napped for most of the wait time. My eyes hurt everytime I tried to blink, so naturally I fell asleep. Then, after an hour, the pain started to come when my eyes were closed then, when I moved my eyes around I became sensitive to light and got major headaches. I told the doctor that I think I scratched my cornea, he brought in another doctor - opthomolgist? eye doctor. instilled a color solution to see the surface and swollen up my tear duct for a short while. It burned with heat for a bit but it felt so great because I couldn't feel the sandpaper feeling in my eyes. I went home around 4am and went to work at 9:30am. Eye still swollen and I explained to my boss what had happened, he basically didnt want me to work, but I told him I was okay, besides..I have tuesday off. (That's today.) So, its gotten better, still healing and the redness and swelling went down significantly. I've been taking the medicine they gave me and it's been making me sleep so comfortably. It helps and I've been taking it 4 times every 6 hours. I have to say this is something that I never want to happen again. EVER.
So,I tell you this my friends, use a super soft cloth or facial tissue for your face to avoid this.


Dizon Eye Hyper Seeshell Violet

Hello! How was your thanksgiving day? I was so stuffed last night that I could not move! Even my brother could not. Although, he did manage to squeeze in a few homemade pumpkin pies into his stomach. We never pass up a homemade pumpkin pie and well...there was two.

I finally posted a video on this circle lens, I believe I made an earlier post with a vial and case double photo and that was about it.
This time I've finally put it together, and here it is!

I was trying to get the pixels in the lens like the candy brown video but I couldn't. Not as well, anyway.
So, anyway I think this is much like the candy brown (G208) but this one is better in my opinion it isn't as harsh and so in your face with it. It's soft and subtle and I bet this type would look amazing in a brown color.


Happy Thanksgiving Upload

Hey ! Old circle lenses get a clear look, and a new video. I re recorded this because I felt the last one I posted was uninformative and I felt like it didn't help anyone get a clear view on the lenses itself. I really hope this is a lot better and helps you in purchasing those circle lenses.

I have ordered 3 new circle lenses.
They are:
Candy Magic Brown (14.2)
Olive/Honey Wing Brown (14.0)
Olive/Ash Wing Grey (14.0)
I'll let you know more about these once I recieve them in the mail.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Autumn Girl: Picture Tutorial

Hi guys! I wanted to try a picture tutorial, my memory card was damaged so I had to use one that can store like 5 photos at one time. It was awful, okay, enough about my unfortunate evening.
I did this makeup because it is one that I always do, and its more appropriate for more than a natural brown smokey night look that I usually do. This time with winter coming, you can wear this anytime!
Please let me know if I did a good job or not! I really want to know! I want to begin doing videos.

I used almays' brown eyes trio (1st edition), Palladio Brown Eyeliner Pencil, L'oreal's Voluminous Mascara ( Original ).
The hair dye is Clariol Soy Complex in 5NN, after a few washes ( 5, I think?) It is amazing!


Nursing the past

No, this isn't some deep journal type entry post, I looked back at deviantart of my oldest drawings, seems like I only put up one and a few photography type, but remember this before you see the picture. This was five years ago or so. When I had passion and dedication to make well on something. I don't think I'll ever be able to do this again. So without further ado.


This a drawing done by hand, you can see all of my nervous strokes. Nothing like a number two pencil.
You can see my initials in the bottom right. E.H. (heart) I was trying to still make up my mind on what it should be. I scanned it. Looking at this, makes me want to start back up again, my imagination has completely disappeared - at least thats how I feel. I will try to find my center and motivate myself to do more drawings.
I miss it all.


Zoya Nail Polish Haul

Naturally, I could never take beautiful photos like these, stock and labeled. The are my first investment nail polishes. I usually buy the cheap polishes and I have to say this is a nice step up, I bought this trio a long long time ago from a promotion that was I think (Buy 2, Get 1 free or Buy 2, get 1) *Plus shipping and handling. Something along those line.

Mimi is the shimmery purple. Perfect color for those colder months and still have that super girly touch of glitter to this awesome pop of color.

Mitzi is this cool and sweet matte color, no shine and better matched to bare nails. That means no base or top coat ladies! This is the brightest lime type green color great for spring or summer.

Raven is the classic noir and classy girl trendsetter. With a dash of shimmer for that chic girl, this is a must-have polish for any season, but I think it stands out more beautifully in the winter months! I highly recommend this color. Smoother than any black nail color you can buy. I love it so much.

Here is a quick capture of the colors - when I mean quick, I mean I slapped this on my fingernails.
It's not pretty but it gets the point across!

Zoya is amazing and I really wish places like Sally's would carry them. It's still nice to get them online too.
I guess I just like shopping with things that are tangeble.
You can see a few shimmers across raven and the flat color of mitzi and the bold girl mimi with purple and mild glittler.

Thanks to my macro showing the beauty of my hands! xD

Be sure to become a ZOYA member and make an account, you can be a part of very giving promotions and deals beyond the surface.


Nail Biting and the Effects on Teeth

This is going to be an informative blog post on nail biting and the harmful effects of it. I remember biting my nails. Mostly, because I noticed uneven ridges while at school so I would try to even them out. Then there was no nail extension just the nail bed. I won't show any pictures on this subject, because I myself am squemish and just so you know I never let my fingers bleed and it wasn't a big bad habit. I also had a lot of problems with worrying and I suppose nervousness too, at the time, I didn't think so.

Let me tell you what your nails are firstly:

Nails are made of Keratin, which is a hard protein. They also produce hair and skin; the part that you can see and touch. Hair and Nails are important to the body and even though they look differently, they are in fact the same protein - keratin.

Nails protect your hands; fingertips. Grabbing and holding objects like a rock or scissors. They make things easier to pick up such as a loose piece of thread, and it helps you to scratch a certain itch too! :)

When you bite:

You're taking the fingers' natural protection, leaving it open to infections. It also irritates the skin around it.
Chronic biters can chew so much nail that causes it to bleed.

Harmful Effects:

Everything you touch, you don't immediatly wash your hands after touching that object. How many times do you open or close a door, grab something to move it. Borrow a writing utensil. Handling money or handling a child. Everything gets left underneath the nail, so when you chew your nails, everything you've touched is going straight to your mouth. That's the quickest route most germs take and it leaves you very vulnerable to colds and other types of infection.

Chronic nail biters beware, if you don't plan on stopping, start saving money. You'll be on your way to a dentist. By biting your nails, you are using your front two teeth, which are used for chewing not cutting, they are not used for constant use,you damage enamel and the natural shape of them. Biting can reshape your teeth and they cost quite a bit to repair. $1000 and up, for a dentist bill.
Brace biters: If you wear braces and bite your nails. Stop right where you are. Your teeth have so much pressure already, by biting your nails you are increasing the pressure and damaging the roots. In the extreme, the teeth will fall out.

How to stop and other treatments:
  • Eating calcium and magnesium rich foods (or taking supplements), so the nail will repair and grow well.
  • Use bitter tasting nail polish such as: CONTROL-IT and Thum
  • Use artificial nail to protect it while growing.
  • Have an urge? Put on gloves, there's nothing like a mouthful of fabric.
  • Use a substitute. Try gum or other chewy candies or even hard candies to keep your mouth busy and your hands out of your mouth.
  • Paint your nails, make it fancy.


Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Hi loves, I just wanted to share a quick hair care item that is currently working for me. I find that usually when I straighten my hair a few days later my scalp becomes irritated and I have loose dandruff on my hair. I've been using scalp and dandruff treatment shampoos and it really upsets me when I find this when its the most visible - when my hair is straight. When I wear my hair curly I guess it gets lost in the curls, I can't explain. Anyways enough about my unfortunate scalp condition.

Tea tree oil. When I first heard this, it was from my mother, she has very curly hair and she takes care of her hair like completely as well as her health. Its unheard of for me, because in school I heard that hair is dead. I realize once it grows out from the scalp it is, but otherwise from beneath the scalp its still living.
 Tea Tree oil is not at all greasy or thick or weightful. Its rather light and a few drops is all you need.

What it does:
Natural Anti-bacterial oil with extra protection for hair and body

Use for skin irritation and oily skin.
Prevents itchy, dry scalp.
Anti-dandruff and anti-fungal.
Also be used as Massage oil or while in sauna.
I looked at the ingredients and you would not believe how many oil sources it comes from.
Tea tree, Canola, Sunflower, Castor, Olive, Cotton Seed, Grape Seed, and Jojoba. it also has Tocopherol and Fragrance.

I usually use it in replacement of conditioner.
I wash my hair with dandruff shampoo then ordinary cleansing shampoo. When my hair becomes damp I apply it maintaining focus on the scalp. I only use about 2 - 3 drops of this and what is left on my hands, I run throughout my hair.

I also have been deep conditioning since that previous hair bleaching. Its been better but I'm overdue for a trim. The deep conditioner I use is call Nature's Therepy by L'oreal its a tub with a cream body and green top. You can find it in a nearby Sally's Beauty store but don't be surprised if the packets are the only ones left. It's a very impressive product. I'll post about that a little later.


Luxy Hair: 100% Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extentions

Hi Darlings! I've been losing so much daylight so quickly, no time for videos and well I just wanted to post about this small business owned by two sisters: Mimi and Leyla. You can read their story below.

As you can see they are super gorgeous and they are also super nice as well, they upload videos on youtube and help you on wear and care and even help you with styling tips and tutorials. I think this is the best part about it all. Reviews of their hair extensions are always excellent and customers never have anything negative to say.

They carry two types of hair extentions; one for very fine to medium type and another from medium to thick hair types.
If you don't know which set to get I recommend to get the 160g set, because its always better to have more than not have enough. Believe me, I have experienced that and it doesn't feel great.

The colors they have are very good, they have been dyed with a ray of highlights and lowlights to compliment even those with natural or dyed hair and makes it effortless to blend between the hair you're born with and the hair you've bought.
Jet Black - 1
Off Black - 1B
Dark Brown - 2
Chocolate Brown - 4
Chesnut Brown - 6
Strawberry Blonde - 16
Dirty Blonde - 18
Bleach Blonde - 613
Ash Blonde - 60
Vibrant Auburn - 33

A total of 10 colors.
If you're still unsure of which color you should get you can always contact them and send them pictures and they can help you in choosing a color. They do their best to satisfy their customers and they actually care for them. That's what I love about these sisters.
For this quality of hair, the price is amazingly affordable and the hair itself is very durable.
It can last up to a year or more with proper care, I mean have you ever had a wig for a year? Not me, I say.
Check the luxy hair site:
Tell them Emely from emaura(.blogspot.com) sent you!


Almay 'Bright Eyes' Eyeshadow Duo

Yes, after an unexpected computer accident, I have return with a new one! My luck with technology - computers and cameras in general are always in the pit, soon to crash, damage or be broken by another. Yes, thats what happened. I'll spare you the agonizing details of the passing of my old laptop, the shortest lifespan ever of only a few months, my fault because I misplace the manufactor's warranty and I didnt get the extended warranty either. Oh well, Let's get down to what I really want to talk about.

As you can imagine I have done quite a bit of shopping and I have been taking pictures, I didn't do as much as I would like because I was saving up for a laptop but over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a review on most of the things I've bought, that means upcoming posts, videos and yes...another giveaway in the making. I promised the next one would have a pair of circle lenses, so be on the lookout for that.

The first of my review will be: Almay Bright Eyes: Eyeshadow Duo in #130 Nude. The shade target is : Light to Medium skin tones.

This eyeshadow is a cream type and it's really smooth and has a little bit of shimmer. Buying this I didnt know it was a cream eyeshadow, it didn't say on the back or advertise this feature at all. The colors on my skin barely showed up, maybe because my "medium shade" was darker than their medium shade was intended for but it left this really natural soft shimmer look. I regret I don't have a a color swatch, I deleted it off my computer so I might have to come back on that. I used this without primer, so that will probably play into a factor here.

Natural, Subtle shades
Targets all shades in the light to medium-light skin
Bargain at $1.00
Easy to rub off
Shimmer sticks to skin, color doesn't stick as well as it should.
Easily creases
Color fades after a few hours
Subtle, can also be unnoticeable.
Hard to pack on the shadow to make it stand out more.

I also found out that this eyeshadow was a cream to powder. It doesn't transform to powder. EVER.
I think this formula is completely failed in that way, I've used a cream to powder eyeshadow tube, I know what is supposed to happen. I think this is why they discontinued this, I certainly don't see this around anymore. Now I know why.

I didn't spend a fortune on this product, so even though I think this is a disappointment for me, I didn't have a lot to lose in disliking this product from Almay. I look forward to seeing more almay products being inventive and making hypoallergenic makeup affordable.