Days behind me..

Well the reason why I haven't posted anything in a while was because...

1. I've been working a whole lot and I come home feeling really exausted, this job requires me to be cheerful and greeting everyone who comes into the cafe. So, It's an acting job too. lol I'm just kidding! ..  :3 feels like it though...

2. I also drank bad milk! EWW I know , I didn't realize it until I tasted it after a swallowed a whole gulp. boo and it had several days until it expired. It was an unlucky day.

3. I was on my way from work and the car had a bad day and it was hot and it seems like it got evaporated and the gas ran out...the car was hungry. We had to wait for a friend of ours to come. lol Surpringly quick - thank goodness.

Also, the Giveaway is ending on Sept. 10th. Enjoy and remember once this giveaway is over I'll have another giveaway on circle lens.

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