John Freida Foam Hair Color Review

Hi ! Here is my first hair coloring review, first I'd like to say that when foam coloring came out in the US I was very excited, beyond imagination no longer would I have to pay almost 20 USD for a box of hair color - not that I ever did or would.- I loved this when I first tried this and it is my absolute favorite, I don't think I could go back, I've tried and I've hated the results. It delivers everything is says it would.

Salon Hair Color at Home - Even Hair coloring , no patchwork.

What they say:
Our revolutionary, non-drip foam covers every strand perfectly – so you are assured of flawless, natural-looking results you thought you could only get at a salon.
Quick and easy application
Spreads quickly and easily into roots and those hard-to-reach places, such as the back of your head and your hairline.
Ultimate conditioning
Our nourishing, after-colour conditioner seals in colour for long lasting tonal richness, while keeping hair soft and silky.
Selecting your shade
For best results, select a shade no more than two levels away from your current hair colour.
Colour Results

Alright so that's all from their website and what their promise is..which is all true, for me anyways.

1. The Foam Developer
2. The Foam Hair Colorant
3. After Color Conditioner
4. Pump for Foam Bottle. 
With this applicant you can squeeze the foam ( liquid in bottle ) from the bottle into your palm quite easily by squeezing the center.
5. Instruction Booklet
6. Black Gloves ( It feels like a size Small/Medium) So if you feel you're hands might not fit, stop by your nearest sally's beauty supply store

I would heed this warning tape on this bottle. You wouldn't want to ruin the chemical mixture, otherwise the foam will not work. This is nothing like you've tried before, hair color wise follow instructions given. I'd advise it seriously. haha.

Here is the front of the instruction booklet. As you can see it tells you what you need to know! Especially what you should NOT do.
Here is the back page of the booklet, showing you step - by - step with visuals.

Alright so let me explain this assortment of hair color already on my head. First, my roots are grown in a bit, which I know won't be picked up from the hair dye because it is beyond 2 shades from the box color...and Second I in fact have son patchwork in my hair, blonde from my previous color in the summer and a bit of brown or darker blonde.

This is a disaster.

On top of that, my hair is badly damaged from a bleach product that I used before using kaleidocolors or whatever that brand was. I can't remember. and before that I bleached it before to dye it brown from jet black to see that color see pictures from my almond brown circle lens.

It was in pretty bad shape and it got like .5 better but I needed a hair cut, so I had to toughen up and cut my mid back length hair..the split and damaged ends hiked up the shaft of my hair a lot so I cut it about shoulder length and now the texture and softness is back and I feel happy about it, I've been now regularly giving oil treatments and deep conditioning.

Alright so lets get to it:

This is how it looks once squeezed and into your palm.


I really like it, The price for these for me are about $10 USD per box, I tend to only need one box, but I think its good to always buy two in case you need the extra one and its good when you need to re dye it.
 I'd recommend this to anyone!


Days behind me..

Well the reason why I haven't posted anything in a while was because...

1. I've been working a whole lot and I come home feeling really exausted, this job requires me to be cheerful and greeting everyone who comes into the cafe. So, It's an acting job too. lol I'm just kidding! ..  :3 feels like it though...

2. I also drank bad milk! EWW I know , I didn't realize it until I tasted it after a swallowed a whole gulp. boo and it had several days until it expired. It was an unlucky day.

3. I was on my way from work and the car had a bad day and it was hot and it seems like it got evaporated and the gas ran out...the car was hungry. We had to wait for a friend of ours to come. lol Surpringly quick - thank goodness.

Also, the Giveaway is ending on Sept. 10th. Enjoy and remember once this giveaway is over I'll have another giveaway on circle lens.


Kirakira Dolce Pink Video!

As most of my circle lens videos....They're all way past due to do...So I did them. I have to do..still...Chocolate Brown Mimi- and...Hyper Violet Seeshell..and hmm...I think that's it, I might just do the Candy Brown G208 all over again, because that first video I made....it sucks,. you can barely see it, its super dark. boo. Oh Yeah! On another note...My giveaway end date..is no more...so there is no end date for the giveaway, more people need to join, please help me! I am also gonna do a more in depth video on the giveaway...I don't understand it...why no one wants this fruity summer gift? I mean its completely free. it baffles me. XD