My Recent Haul from HoneyColor

Hi! I just wanted to share my haul that I got from honeycolor.com they package the lenses so nicely and the lens cases are so adorable, I always wanted some like these, I also got a travel case and a seperate case of lens tweezers and two dolly wink false eyelashes in No.1 Dolly Sweet and No.5 Real Nude, I've already tried it and I really love the bottom lashes, however the top lashes or too dramatic for my eyes and although I really like the style of it its too much for my small eyes.
The lenses that are in the haul from left to right is the Barbie King Pink, Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown and the Beaucon Shimmer Aqua.
The package I recieved was carefully packed and the envelopes were doubled with the both envelopes containing bubble wrap liner.
I recieved this package in 4 days, because there was a special offer:
"Free express Shipping on orders $100 or more"
I had to see what that was all about, the lenses are very afforable.

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