Update Post, What's going on..

Hi hi! Sorry it has been so so long, unfortunately i still do not own a computer of my own slowly but surely i am going to get it i just need to gather a couple hundred dollars more.
I wanted to share what i've bought so far and what is coming on the way in the mail, which i cant currently do reviews on. Be sure to see my twitter because i do post pictures of my makeup and lenses of the day there and its the best to follow.
I bought:
Maybelline One by One Mascara
FITme! Foundation (Liquid and Powder) in 325 and Concealer in 25
Maybelline Duo in Copper Diamond and Amythest Diamond
Almay Dial Up - This was NOT waterproof, but nonetheless it really delivers.

EOS Love Brown

and on the way is:
Kirakira Dolce DM23Pink
Hyper Seeshell Violet
Neo Queen 4 Tone Honey
New Adult Brown
Princess mimi Almond Brown
Annex Ring Black

I will try my best to post these as soon as I can, I am still taking pictures and there are still some that i have not mentioned that i can't remember right this moment, but thank you for being so paitient and hopefully iit will be soon.

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