Dolly Wink Liquid Liner

All the writing is japanese there are only two areas that have english. I'm assuming that the top area is how Tsubasa uses it - like a tutorial or instructions. of course thats just a guess.

I received this from Pretty and Cute and I receieve this only after a week of ordering this which was amazing and quick. I really love their service and they are very reliable and quick.

Sally Hansen's Moist and Matte Liquid Lip Color

Below is a swatch of this lip color on my hand so you can see exactly how vivid this red is!

Sally Hansen's Moist and Matte Lip Color in Charmeuse. This lip color is so so bright! It applies so light and creamy and its really easy to have your hand slip up and mark up your face. I wouldn't wear this because I don't wear red lippys like this it looked a lot less red inside the package in the store, although this purchase is not much of a loss because it was a dollar!
One down side is that you constantly must apply and be conscience of this lippy. It stains so be careful!
This is a good lippy for concentration of color and overall I give this product:


Update Post, What's going on..

Hi hi! Sorry it has been so so long, unfortunately i still do not own a computer of my own slowly but surely i am going to get it i just need to gather a couple hundred dollars more.
I wanted to share what i've bought so far and what is coming on the way in the mail, which i cant currently do reviews on. Be sure to see my twitter because i do post pictures of my makeup and lenses of the day there and its the best to follow.
I bought:
Maybelline One by One Mascara
FITme! Foundation (Liquid and Powder) in 325 and Concealer in 25
Maybelline Duo in Copper Diamond and Amythest Diamond
Almay Dial Up - This was NOT waterproof, but nonetheless it really delivers.

EOS Love Brown

and on the way is:
Kirakira Dolce DM23Pink
Hyper Seeshell Violet
Neo Queen 4 Tone Honey
New Adult Brown
Princess mimi Almond Brown
Annex Ring Black

I will try my best to post these as soon as I can, I am still taking pictures and there are still some that i have not mentioned that i can't remember right this moment, but thank you for being so paitient and hopefully iit will be soon.