Tron Legacy: Sirens - Movie Inspired Makeup

Hi everyone! I'm back with another makeup inspired look, inspired because as far as I'm concerned it is very similar or identical but! I'm not entirely sure, pictures only tell half the story, especially when it is dark!
Okay, so it's a dark eye with double end wings on top and bottom with full length lashes on top and on bottom more separate and more clumped together lower lashes, I can't really explain it so well but I only had two lashes on me and only one of them were passable for this look. For the lip area I just concealed and added a little gloss to it. This look was more focused on the dark sirens, like for example: Elizabeth. I think that's her name.
I don't have any contact lenses that resembles the ones they wear but of course it's hard to come by grey/blue hexagontal pupil holed contacts. :)

Obviously, I don't have the false lower lashes on but I didn't have any! So I just drew some on! lol.
And my Eyebrows! I tried to erase them but I don't have a lot of tools or makeup to get the job done, and as you can see I've got eyebrow that start in one place only to split into two. I tried to do a smoldering look as they do, but of course, I failed.

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