Plain Blog for a while... And.. School!

I wish I didn't have to say this lol but I do! My laptop is JACK'D UP and I can't do anything great other than download and surf, which I don't do so much more than that. I can't install files, software and things of that nature and I also can't name my new folders anymore and my external hard drive is the same way! I think it's because of my computer and I'm afraid that it's because of my computer.
I wish I could get a laptop that just won't break on me! Is that so hard? I always run into problems with computers and it makes me so mad.

I don't think this laptop will be lasting that much longer. Ugghh. I need money!

On top of things on the brighter side of life. I'm FINALLY finally going to college.
Not just any college a cosmetology school concentrated on students who want to under go the study of beauty. I really want to do it ALL. lol

I want to start with make up artistry, Ahh! :D I can't believe my dreams are coming true. :)
Student Enrollment is the 10th. So soon right? Usually all the things that happen to me are so soon almost like life is being impulsive to me as I've been with it. ha, that's what I get I suppose.

I'm so excited to be going to college after taking a year off, a lot of people told me not to because I wouldn't go back, but here I am back on track. Take that non - believers.

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