Oh Emm Gee! Shoes! ♥

I was browsing around milanoo.com because I just love the simplicity of that site, I have yet to buy though, but! I just had to show you these amazing cute shoes. Please tell me that you wouldn't just buy these if you saw them at a store. Gorgeous. :)

Pearl, Rhinestone, and Bow 3/4 heel
Patent Leather; Peep toe and bow 3 1/10" heel
Flat Pointed Toe; Bow accent

Sweet Mousy Flats in Pink/Black and Black/Silver
Aww SO cute! ♥

Patent Leather, Double Strap with Bow accents. 2 7/10" heel
And I'll end with these wonderful kitty heels.
Rounded Toe Pink bow knot and sparkle heart, 1 9/10" Heel
There are so many cute shoes here! I wish I could post them all but..i don't think it would ever end. :)

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