GEO Honey Wing / Olive Brown Review

COMFORT: 8.5/10 I love how comfortable they are and these lenses have a water content of 38 - 48%. Which is really good. Once you put them in your eyes, it's like they disappear and you can't feel it anymore.

PATTERN: 10/10 I love the patter of these lenses they manage to blend in very beautifully and create a magnificant backslash limbal ring in a darker brown/green like this: ////

COLOR: 10/10 Natural color and blend. Depending on your own eye color the lens can appear lighter or will just blend into your own eye color, just leaving you with an enlargement for the brown. These were my first pair.

ENLARGEMENT: 14.00 - normal enlargement on the market. This is the usual number that you will find on most GEO products, but they also carry the larger lenses that range from 14.2 and up.

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