Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Review

Here is a swatch of the CG lip stain
This is a lightweight lip stain that is a little too light for my tastes.I don't like it, It does not last a long time like a stain would. Normal Lipstick or Lip gloss lasts longer than this would in my opinion. It adds "sheer flush of color" That part is completely true. The shade I got this in is Flirty Nude 435, In pictures it appears reddish and when you have a high shine clear gloss it turns red! 

But! If you add a low shine gloss and it has sparkles in it, it looks so beautiful and natural, and I like that.

I would love this more if it didn't feel like applying water to my lips and it would last longer. In order for this lip stain to work well, your lips would need to completely even and smooth, works even better with wrinkle - free lips.
My Total Rating: 2/5 

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