Cosmetology "Open House" Visit + Random NOTD

I went to sign up to go to school and have a career focus in cosmetology as some of you already know. I have to complete 1200 hours and they give me tons of scholarships and grants.

There is nothing like free money, seriously. There was also like a $600 application fee, but lucky me, it was waived. All I have to do now is just get the $150.

I have signed on to go in February and great thing if I can get my cousin to go with me since I might have to take public trans from time to time. There is also a 5 $1.00 fee for my photos and a $5.00 money order for something else that I forgot what it is for.

I'm super excited even though tuition is $15,300, and that is a fortune. Thank god, for FAFSA.

Here is a random picture of my nails at one time, a long time ago and I think I forgot all about it. Well...My art has had better days. This was quite sloppy.

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