Ariel Hairbrush+ Pre & Post Birthday Makeup

Disney's The Little Mermaid: Ariel Hairbrush

Hi! I just wanted to make a quick post on the Disney's Little Mermaid - Ariel hairbrush. I had it in my hair video but you couldn't see it very well and I just wanted to post a couple of pictures on that.
 Do you like the new watermark? I'm still debating.
Pre - Makeup Picture! AGH
 It's very neutral earthy tones, I applied a sienna burnt orange on my lips that had shimmer and pat down a matte brown on top to calm it down some, I applied some modified false eyelashes, brand not important.Also I did my version of the Mellish Lip Color: Honey Apricot! Pretty nice huh?

Post-Make up Picture! :)
I love how the lip color looks so thick and opaque, no concealer needed!

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