Ardell Cold Wax Brow Shaping Kit Review

Who'd ever though of a cold wax was a genius, because its one less step to do in get desirably shapely eyebrows. I bought this cold wax thinking, okay. I know how to wax and this will help when I'm in a hurry or traveling. The kit comes with the cold wax tube with a slant application much like a lip gloss..
This picture was pulled as to use for reference only.
 much like this..
tube, cloth strips and azulene oil for irritation and redness you might encounter.
Let me start with the pros of this product were:

The scent of the apple pear was pleasant and smelled like apples and pears.
The packaging was appealing to the eyes.
The fact that it had everything you needed. A Complete kit. Like it says

The cons of this product were:
The tube was awkward to handle and felt out of place, If only they were to use a slant applicator like this:
This picture was pulled as to use for reference only

I believe they had the right idea but it wasn't finished all the way through but still decided to put it on market. 
Another is the actual wax in the tube, for me to actually get the wax out of the tube is a battle on its own and I do not want to have to fight with products to make them work my way. no way.

The wax; once release from its prison did not want to adhere to my skin or hair. It was like having a brand new pen and scratching it on paper to get ink, my experience was much like this.It would come out as a gel and then with the slant applicator you will have to press hard the wax on your skin to make the wax adhere and sometimes it would not and I would ball it up only to have wax on my hands.

If you actually do have the wax stick to you skin/hair where you want waxed you must quickly apply the cloth strips provided with, which is, I believe cotton.
 Then you tear it off in the opposite direction the hair grows only to find a couple of hairs removed and slight pain for no reason.

Apply Azulene oil given apply to red, irritated area for instant soothing action.
Voila! You're eyebrows are either:
A.) Still the same
B.) Red, irritated, in pain

I could have done a lot better with a dull eyebrow shaper than this cold wax kit.
 I would not want anyone to buy this, because this is a waste of time and money.

It collects dust and looks pretty in my home. I use it from time to time if I see any stray hairs I want to nip, of course, I don't want to throw away this practically brand new product.
Please, please, please do not buy this product, I do not want you to be disappointed like I was but I do have hopes for a cold wax in the future and I will be willing to buy it when it comes out.

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