Amazonian Warrior Makeup + Other News!

There is a dark purple shade more on one eye than another, I wanted it to appear like a fading bruise, but I don't know that I captured it well, using my shimmer palette.
I added some serious contouring on the nose, to make it more harsh.
Thick eyebrows for such masculinity and of course lip color for femininity.
If you look closely on the war face paint its quite clumpy to make it seem like it was make out of a natural paint from resources that villagers would have, being so connected to mother nature and elements.

War Face Paint: Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Eyeshadow. This was a bit too difficult to apply with a brush, hence the clumpy - ness, but added overall effect.

I really wanted to make this look like I just came back from scouting or about to go out and scavenge, or whatever. I really wanted to capture such intensity with this look, and I believe I did, I just don't know if it transferred through these photos. 

Also, I dyed my front back to black from that pinkish red color and I realized to late that my hair was in fact actually more brown, but I don't care since eventually I will dye it another color, I have a job line up tomorrow and I'm going in for testing and it should be simple, finally, things are starting to look up for me. :)

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