Max Factor Lipfinity 3D Max Wear Lipcolor

This product was a gift and I thought why not review it? This shade is in Work-Out Nude 700 without the gloss applied to really see the color. I applied this lip color without applying any concealer, I have tried that method before revealing no extreme results.

The color itself is very beautiful and very nude and natural. I haven't been too fond of long wear lip color because of the flaky after effects and also the fact that you didn't get true tube to lip colors and it was always disappointing to me.

This product pleasantly surprised me and I was very happy with the result.
Once you applied the color it slowly starts to basically adhere to your lips by drying over two minutes which you follow by next applying the provided gloss. That's right, dual ended.

Here is "Work - Out Nude 700" no gloss applied.
I don't usually apply the gloss that is provided on my lips already given because this look is so drying and makes my lips super wrinkled which I don't like and it is also not very moisturizing. So, it's good to apply one coat of your favorite lip balm to moisturize before you apply this long wear lip color. The color does come off with eating and drinking and I would not recommend using this when going out for dinner or other outings because I believe this is just for looking good and you would have to apply once again.

For those who are not going to food or drink outings, this is recommended. This lip wear lasts nicely 4 hours +.

Overall Review 9/10

The reason it is not a perfect ten is because when it came to the gloss it didn't feel like I could get enough of it on.

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