EOS Jewel Brown [G - 208] Review

 Hi! I got another review on circle lenses. These lenses have a ton of names but I like to think of calling them the Jewel Series and I got these in brown. Brown is usually my safe color and I usually buy all my contacts in the brown to sample the lens and that sometimes sucks because I really like having all these beautiful color they have on the market like violet and pink. So enough blabbering, I'll start off with these wonder pictures of the vials.

Left Eye: No Lens                                        Right Eye: 14.5 Enlargement
With Flash

Picture Detail of G-208 Lens in Natural Light
Picture Detail of G-208 Lens in Flash

Natural Outdoor Light

With Flash
COLOR: Very beautiful brown color sometimes though I just can't really wear it though, because it sometime comes out too bold and requires darker or heavier make-up which I'm not fond of.
ENLARGEMENT: I would rate the enlargement very large and natural for a 14.5, it wasn't crazy puppy dog/alien big and I liked that.
COMFORT: The comfort is amazing 10/10, My favorite lens by far so far.
PATTERN: Plain and Simple. The color area which is the brown here is plainly pixelated and the limbal ring is a simple black ring.

These lenses were given to me after completing promotion requirements down at My Candy Eyes which were relatively simple. I really do enjoy service from this site and I really don't know what I would do without it. I received these in about two weeks time because it was during the thanksgiving holidays I believe. My Candy Eyes is a reliable seller and I recommend them to everyone I meet who is interested in circle lens.


  1. The ring is just kinda bold but it really looks beautiful and natural on you. I should buy a pair of those too.

    Are they really brown or are they more of a yellow shade?

  2. I would have to say they are yellow-ish brown.
    You should definitely get some! They're comfortable and if you decide to get them,I bet they'll look great on you.
    I really want to get the pink version of these since the brown is so vibrant.