EOS Adult Brown


No Flash, Natural Dim Light.

With Flash

The photo below the adult browns actually look brown and much like my own eyes. There is almost a hint of a violet color here too.
Which under orange or bathroom light can appear to be violet.

COMFORT: 9/10 I love the feel and comfort of these lenses so very very much! They are thinner, I believe more so than GEO lenses. I do have some discomfort occasionally but that's between the 6 and 8 hour mark. Also, my eyes are pretty dry so that does play a hand in my opinion.

COLOR/PATTERN: Firstly, know that these lenses are advertised as "Brown" lenses but they are in fact Grey. I knowingly purchased them with that in mind. In dim light settings to none, the lenses can change into violet and/or brown. There is no distinct pattern I think and they have a more crystallized effect, like a thin triangles with brown, grey, and violet like so : BGVBGV- -I hope that makes sense.

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