Happy New Year + My 5 New Year Resolutions + New Year Hair

Happy New Years everyone! I'm so excited that we are coming to a new year!
I'm pretty excited and I have new resolutions for myself and I hope they are more successful than most of my resolutions. ha
I have 5 new resolutions for the new year.

1. Eat healthier and Exercise at least 2 times a week at the least.
2. Maintain healthy and well kept hair.
3. Try not be lazy and more organized.
4. Post more and upload videos as well.
5. Have more fun and be positive.

And ...
New Pink Hair
 I'm a little disheveled now but there will be more pictures like this with my pink hair in the future. My first impulsive decision in a long time, what better way to start a new year!

       [Last Post of 2010]

Love :)


Going Under Construction: Rearranging and Organizing

Just like the title says , I will be changing a few things on this blog because I need it to be more organized for all of you out there. Since the new year is coming.


EOS Jewel Brown [G - 208] Review

 Hi! I got another review on circle lenses. These lenses have a ton of names but I like to think of calling them the Jewel Series and I got these in brown. Brown is usually my safe color and I usually buy all my contacts in the brown to sample the lens and that sometimes sucks because I really like having all these beautiful color they have on the market like violet and pink. So enough blabbering, I'll start off with these wonder pictures of the vials.

Left Eye: No Lens                                        Right Eye: 14.5 Enlargement
With Flash

Picture Detail of G-208 Lens in Natural Light
Picture Detail of G-208 Lens in Flash

Natural Outdoor Light

With Flash
COLOR: Very beautiful brown color sometimes though I just can't really wear it though, because it sometime comes out too bold and requires darker or heavier make-up which I'm not fond of.
ENLARGEMENT: I would rate the enlargement very large and natural for a 14.5, it wasn't crazy puppy dog/alien big and I liked that.
COMFORT: The comfort is amazing 10/10, My favorite lens by far so far.
PATTERN: Plain and Simple. The color area which is the brown here is plainly pixelated and the limbal ring is a simple black ring.

These lenses were given to me after completing promotion requirements down at My Candy Eyes which were relatively simple. I really do enjoy service from this site and I really don't know what I would do without it. I received these in about two weeks time because it was during the thanksgiving holidays I believe. My Candy Eyes is a reliable seller and I recommend them to everyone I meet who is interested in circle lens.

OOTD: Christmas Eve

 I know that OOTD usually stands for "outfit of the day" but I'm renaming it for this post to "outerwear of the day"

I am wearing a black summer hooded zipper jacket and then I have a pea coat style with a belt. Around my neck I am wearing a fringed fashion scarf that is black with white polka dots and its very pretty, I think. I also am wearing a turquoise baret hat which I just worn pulled all the way down sort of beanie - like and it also has a black velvet fabric bow accent on the side and they're from Selena Gomez's clothing line.

FOTD: Natural Christmas "Eve"ning Look

I took this quick photo before I left to go to a local Christmas Eve music concert.

Maybelline's "COLOSSAL" Mascara on Top and Bottom Lashes in Black
Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama 24 hour Gel Eye Liner in Black
MILANI's Black and Grey Mini Palatte
which is mostly concentrated on the lids of the eyes and I also put dark gray eye shadow on the lower outer section of my eyes.

Max Factor 3D Lipfinity, Lip Color in "Work Out Nude 700"

Max Factor Lipfinity 3D Max Wear Lipcolor

This product was a gift and I thought why not review it? This shade is in Work-Out Nude 700 without the gloss applied to really see the color. I applied this lip color without applying any concealer, I have tried that method before revealing no extreme results.

The color itself is very beautiful and very nude and natural. I haven't been too fond of long wear lip color because of the flaky after effects and also the fact that you didn't get true tube to lip colors and it was always disappointing to me.

This product pleasantly surprised me and I was very happy with the result.
Once you applied the color it slowly starts to basically adhere to your lips by drying over two minutes which you follow by next applying the provided gloss. That's right, dual ended.

Here is "Work - Out Nude 700" no gloss applied.
I don't usually apply the gloss that is provided on my lips already given because this look is so drying and makes my lips super wrinkled which I don't like and it is also not very moisturizing. So, it's good to apply one coat of your favorite lip balm to moisturize before you apply this long wear lip color. The color does come off with eating and drinking and I would not recommend using this when going out for dinner or other outings because I believe this is just for looking good and you would have to apply once again.

For those who are not going to food or drink outings, this is recommended. This lip wear lasts nicely 4 hours +.

Overall Review 9/10

The reason it is not a perfect ten is because when it came to the gloss it didn't feel like I could get enough of it on.

Recent Holiday News + Upcoming G-208 Jewel Brown Review

Hi, Everyone! I know that it has been a while since my last post and I've been really busy with the holidays and all these Christmas birthdays which I've really been enjoying, I've been trudging through snow up to my knees and it's very difficult when you are 4'9. Not to mention I also got ran over by a skidding van on my way to the store and I practically dove into the snow. That was fun,not. I think I almost had a heart attack. So there's a little snippet of my life which is not always full of excitement.

 So that's one of the reasons why I haven't been posting anything recently but on the other hand I have received a pair of free circle lenses from mycandyeyes and I can't wait to get all the pictures ready and the full review too, just be paitient. I'll have it up in no time.

Between today and this week, I'll posting like a mad woman to catch up on all my photos that I've taken. They need a home, lol, so posting will be consecutive.


EOS Adult Brown


No Flash, Natural Dim Light.

With Flash

The photo below the adult browns actually look brown and much like my own eyes. There is almost a hint of a violet color here too.
Which under orange or bathroom light can appear to be violet.

COMFORT: 9/10 I love the feel and comfort of these lenses so very very much! They are thinner, I believe more so than GEO lenses. I do have some discomfort occasionally but that's between the 6 and 8 hour mark. Also, my eyes are pretty dry so that does play a hand in my opinion.

COLOR/PATTERN: Firstly, know that these lenses are advertised as "Brown" lenses but they are in fact Grey. I knowingly purchased them with that in mind. In dim light settings to none, the lenses can change into violet and/or brown. There is no distinct pattern I think and they have a more crystallized effect, like a thin triangles with brown, grey, and violet like so : BGVBGV- -I hope that makes sense.


GEO Nudy Brown

I did a Review on the GEO Nudy Brown once before but I wanted to get better pictures and more of them, so you could really see how they look.

Close Up: Flash

Front Shots: Natural Light

Adverted Eyes: Natural Light

Whitened Out Flash

Close Up Strip: Flash

COMFORT: 7/10 * Pretty Comfortable lens but I find some discomfort when wearing them, and I dread it when I want to wear these. 
ENLARGEMENT: 2.5/5 * I believe is very noticeable and doesn't look unnatural. 
COLOR/PATTERN: Brown, and has a pixel pattern. Also, it is pretty opaque.