Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme Review

This gold reflective lip tube is super glossy. I purchased this in clear and I really like it. As far as the formula that they use for this balm gloss it is NOT for soothing and has cinnamon in it, or it smells like it.

If you have sensitive lips or blemishes or cold sores or uhmm..anything where the skin has broken, DO NOT wear this, the ingredients are or can be harsh and can and will hurt. It has a bit of a cool sensation and it of course, is supposed to enhance, I bought it because I never had to buy any enhancing makeup and I wanted to see if it worked.

On my lips, personally, they only "inflate" just a bit and it smooths my lips out. In my video, for the angel blue on my channel I am wearing the gloss and you can tell because its super shiny. You only need a swipe or two to cover medium sized lips.

The length of the gloss would be about an hour , an hour and a half. So it's not lipstick. This looks great overlaying lip color but only with light gloss in my opinion.
If I had to rate this, it would be a 6/10.

It irritates a little bit on my lips because it is a plumper so that is a downside, but I like it because of the beautiful shimmer and gloss.

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