Goody's "Spin Pin" Hair Tool Review

The package comes with two spin pins and has two colors. Light and Dark. I have black hair and I bought the Dark Version but I also bought the Light version when it first came out and that was over 5 months ago and now the shelves are restocked and the spin pin is back and ready for more and so am I.

So how does this work exactly? Video coming up on that soon.
1.Grab all your hair into a ponytail.
2.Twist into a bun.
3. Push Pin into the bun with end being pushed into the center of the bun.

You may need both pins to secure the bun in place it is very simple to use and has your hair in better condition than a elastic hair band as it doesn't destroy your ends. This tool is great if you want to put your hair up quickly and also if its only for a couple of hours or anything at all. It's made to be invisible to everyone else.

I use it for anything, especially when I'm going to sleep and I've straightened my hair, to keep it from scrunching and denting and creating bumps, I pile it high on my head, stick in the spin pin, and it stays in all night.
When I wake up, I can take out the spin pin and brush out my hair and that's it.

I recommend it to anyone who has hair shoulder length hair or longer.
If your hair is thick, I recommend using both pins provided as the pins can become stretched and separated and it won't be the same as before.

The box also has some hair ideas using the spin pin and it also has instructions on how to use it.
I think anyone can use it. It takes a little bit to know what to do but afterward it will be second nature to you.

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